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Basic Leg Workout Routine - Free Workouts

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Legs Workout Summary

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Target / Goal: Basic Legs Program

Recommended Days per Week: 1

Date Submitted: February 4, 2009
Workout Submitted By


fitFLEX workouts: 1

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Experience: 8 years

Workout Description

Here is a good, balanced leg training day routine. It covers all areas of the leg including quadriceps, hamstrings and finally calf muscles. I have left out squats because I feel it puts too much pressure on the knees and this workout is aimed more towards a shaping workout than sheer mass and power. Key point is for proper warmup with my routine. Be sure to go on the treadmill or cardio bike for about 10 minutes at a slow pace to really get the blood flowing through the muscles. Then stretch the front, back and side legs slowly. You must be full ready for this advanced workout. I suggest to rest 90-120 seconds between sets and perform all reps in full-range of motion.

Exercise Instructions

 Exercise  Sets  Reps
 Leg Extensions  4  12-15
Description: This is primarily a warm-up for the leg workout ahead. Perform 4 set of leg extensions with full range of motion and full careful control. Squeeze at the top of the movement, and lower back slowly.
 One-Leg presses  3-4  10-12
Description: I prefer to do these one leg at a time. Simply find a leg press machine, put on a ligher weight to get used to the movement with just one leg, and do the reps with one legs at a time. Focus on pushing with you heel, and when you come down try to have your thigh touch your chest for a full range of motion. Once again, controled and strict movement is key.
 Hack Squats  6  10-12
Description: This is the advanced portion of my leg workout. When doing hack squats, find a hack squat maching and get ready to work! When going to the bottom of the movement, try to get your legs to go parallel to the ground, a 90 degree angle between your thighs and your torso. Six sets is high but you will definitely get the focus of the leg workout here.
 Lying Leg Curls  3-4  10-12
Description: We now switch focus to the back of the legs primarily, the hamstrings. Find a lying leg curl maching and perform 3-4 sets. Keep your torso, stomach flat on the machine. Choose a weight you can handle with good form and slowly curl up the weight, squeeze and lower back down.
 Seated Leg Curls  3-4  10-12
Description: We continue the onslaught with hamstring exercises with seated leg curls. Have a seat on the seated leg curl machine and perform 3-4 sets with 10-12 repetions. Once again, when you curl the weight down, be sure to hold for a few seconds and squeeze the hamstrings.
 Standing one-leg curls  6  10-12
Description: Time to finish of the hamstrings with 6 power sets of standing one-leg curls. Perform each repetition as before in a slow and controlled manner get a full squeeze and stretch on each rep. Push through the 6 sets to really stimulate results.
 Seated calf raises  4  15-20
Description: Polish off the leg workout with calves. I prefer seated calf raises, so find a seated calf raise machine and bang out 4 sets of high reps of between 15-20. Calf get that burning feeling but try to work through it, this is what provides results!

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