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April 23, 2012    review
Joel   Age: 36

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I find it very much similar to the new Hydroxystim by Muscletech. Both very good product.. I would say they lean more towards the energy boost so you can get more calories burned at the gym rather than a stand-alone fat burner. For a straight up fat burner I still prefer OxyElite Pro or Sub-Q.

Hope this helps."

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Cytogenix - Xenadrine XT Extreme Thermogenic

The latest release from one of the pioneers in the weight loss supplement industry!

Xenadrine has been around for over a decade helping millions around the world with weight loss success! Now, with their latest Xenadrine XT formulation, they are back at with an even more advanced creation to maximize your energy potential while still helping you shed that fat. Labeled as hyper thermogenesis, this supplement is designed to boost your metabolism to burn those extra calories and manipulate fats as further energy. For workout purposes, this is the kick in the butt that you need to really go in to the gym and give 110% through each and every repetition of every set. Experience the highest levels of sensory stimulation a nutritional product can offer you and understand what it truly takes to push to your limits. If you're new to Xenadrine or have been down this road before - this new version will truly revolutionize everything you've heard about thermogenics of the past.

Includes Powerful Weight Loss Components in each Serving!

Created to Boost Intensity and Energy through your Workouts!

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