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Razor8 Blast Powder by AllMax Nutrition

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March 14, 2012    review
greg   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... the greatest pre-workout ever... i started with 1/2 of scoop (as recommended by the manufacturer ) and it gives really a great effect, you will feel pumped and alert 20 mins later... even at work after gym, i felt an incredible concentration and focus... one only disadvantage is that i can't sleep if i take it even 6 hrs before more thing is that you will notice the complete effect right after the 1st set... where blood is completly pumped to the muscle... i think i'm going to be a fan for allmax products ;) "

January 20, 2012    review
Shane   Age: 52

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have used two other pre workout type products, 1MR and SuperPump250. This is by far the best version I have used. First, it actually taste good, and not like citric battery acid that leaves me belching nastiness all day. Second it goes to work really fast, about 10 minutes after I drink it I am already buzzing. Third it gives me a great pump and blood flow from the first few sets. And last, it last easily for 3 hours. I train high volume and usually two and a half hours at a time, the old-school Arnold method, and this is the only product short of 5 cups of coffee that keeps me alert and pushing to the last exercise. Really excited to have found this and suggest it to all my friends and people at the gym - the response has so far been the same as mine. Twenty thumbs up."

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AllMax Sports Nutrition - Razor8

Don't waste another workout of your life.. start each one with Razor8 concentrated formula!

AllMax sports nutrition has revealed their latest Razor8 blast powder pre workout magnificence! Unlike the majority of training stimulants, Razor8 is far more than just crazy jitters and annoying crashed. Proven to have one of the longest lasting effects, there is no wonder athletes have shown to train harder and much longer. Including pharm-grade ingredients in each scoop including creatine.. you're truly going to experience real life results in both new muscular strength and new add lean muscle mass as a result. Boost your levels of alertness to improve focus and drive for every single repetition and set you tackle head on. With all these great and exciting effects, Razor8 stands by as giving you great pumps and vascularity throughout your workouts - so you know you're working it right. Get real, get Razor8!

One of the most POTENT pre-workouts on the market!

Great taste.. it's about time we have good flavor!

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