Androgens: Different Rates for Men and Women


Journal Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism, 91:3844-3849, 2006

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People lose muscle mass as they age a condition called sarcopenia. Most lose 20 percent of their active muscle between ages 40 and 60. By age 10, most older adults can't lift 10 pounds ever their heads. This has a major impact on quality of life and can lead to life threatening falls. Researchers from University of Texas Medical Branch found that giving androgens to older men and women for 14 days increased muscle mass and androgen receptor activity.

The women reacted twice as fast as the men to the drug. Moderate doses of androgens, such as testosterone, may be a viable treatment for boosting muscle mass and strength in older women. Many physicians are reluctant to give androgens to women or men because they fear side effects and aren't convinced the drugs are beneficial.

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