2018 Arnold Classic Competition

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2018 Arnold Classic

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Once again, 7x Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, perhaps the most popular bodybuilder to ever walk the planet, and his partner Jim Lorimer are bring you the 29th annual 2018 Arnold Classic! Perhaps the most prestigious title to be won in the sport of bodybuilding (some will argue it may be the Mr. Olympia competition), claiming the 2018 Arnold Classic title is something many bodybuilder dream of from the first moment that they enter the gym. Based in Columbus Ohio, the Arnold Fitness weekend, along with the 2018 Arnold Classic is spread over 4 days. The bodybuilding competition itself, which will be streaming live for free online occurs in two stages. First, the prejudging where all the competitors will be on stage at the same time for an overall comparison of who has what it takes to take the title - this will be live on the webcast! Next comes the finals portion of the competition which will allow the competitors to run the posing routines to show the sold out arena what they've worked so hard for leading up to the event! The 2018 Arnold Classic champion will be crowned in the evening along with all the placings to the other competitors as well. The winner of the 2016 Arnold Classic will be awards the trophy by the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Watch this entire exciting event live online!

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The level of competitors is always the best of the best when it comes to the Arnold Classic. It is an INVITE ONLY competition so not anyone can go. Arnold and Jim hand pick the greatest competitors to ever grace the stage. We'll be adding the male and female athletes as they are announce.

Arnold Classic locations across the world in 2018

The Arnold Festival has quickly spread across the world and now includes the Arnold Classic USA in Ohio, Arnold Classic Australia in Melbourne, Arnold Classic South America in Rio de Janeiro, Arnold Classic Africa in Johannesburg, Arnold Classic Asia in Hong Kong and finally, Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid, Spain. Come check out all these amazing events and watch them online when available!

Without question, this is the place to see the best of the best compete each year and now, several times a year. If you're looking for inspiration and motivation to take your fitness to the proper level - tune in folks!

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