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August 9, 2013    question
Tail wacher   Age: 37

"... How good is this stuff compared to nano vapor , hyper, no Explode, or creatine?"


August 12, 2013
response by Mike

They are all good products and everyone will react differently. The best bet is simply to try it and see. Again, they are all good products so you will see results.

The key factor as to how good of the results depends on your efforts with the training, nutrition and rest.

July 21, 2013    review
Joey   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Fantastic pre-workout solution.. I highly recommend it especially if you are looking for something that doesn't leave you with a crash after your workout. You can also stay with the lowest dose for roughly 4 months before you get used to it. A+ product."

December 3, 2011    review
Jeremy   Age: 42

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... This is my first type of pre-workout product, a good friend of mine suggested it to me and I am glad he did. I've always read about these types but now that I've actually been able to experience it I can really see why you don't want to go without a workout without it. Works extremely well, from the first time I used it I had great alertness, energy and I really did get a good pump after just a few sets. I really like it."

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AX - Athletic Xtreme - Ultra Reps Pre-Workout!

Finally.. Experience the Power of a Pre-Workout Drink with the Stimulant Type Side-effects!

Anabolic Xtreme, currently known as AX has released the incredible Ultra Reps, your ultimate solution to a pre-workout product that is 100% stimulant free! Most people don't care for the energy rush of pre-workout supplements anyways, might as well drink a cup of coffee and save some money. It's the muscle building ingredients that actually make these product worthwhile. That is why AX has created Ultra Reps to help you reap these rewards without worrying about a crash or jitters. Experience dramatic results from the best workouts of your life, this is the way to see progress that you've never seen before. Literally, it's time to truly get Jacked with having to actually get Jacked, make sense right? Train harder, longer and see your gains skyrocket.. harness the power of Ultra Reps today!

Lift Heavier.. Longer and Stronger with Ultra Reps Today!

World's 1st & Ultimate STIMULANT FREE Pre Workout Supplement!

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