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Weight training, no matter how successful you are at it, can only be a small part of your life. To be successful in your training, though, you must be extraordinarily dedicated. Let that dedication become an obsession, however, and you're destined for an unhappy and unrewarding life.

We all know plenty about being obsessed with training. Some are consumed by it for many years. and try almost everything except bodybuilding drugs. Training is a wonderful activity so long as you do it productively and avoid serious injuries. In your final years, when you come to draw up the balance sheet of your life, you won't be giving much, if any, attention to your past training achievements or lamenting the muscle and strength you didn't achieve. Other factors will dominate

Suppose, for example, you could squat 300 pounds more than you actually can now. As awesome as that would be, would it make any difference to the events and relationships that have the greatest impact on your happiness?

Be obsessed, focused and consumed by your training when you're in the gym, and rest, eat and sleep well while you're out of the gym. Then get on with the rest of your life. Don't expect that even stellar training achievements will bring happiness to your life-great satisfaction in one limited area, yes, but nothing more.

Those who are obsessed with training even when they are not in the gym expose themselves to the destructive side of training-where personal relationships, family life, health, education and career are neglected. Some of the world's apparently most successful bodybuilders are testimonials to the fact that lives are ruined by obsession, Their former (or current) awesome physiques are nothing when compared to the unpublicized chaos of their private lives, problems with drink and drugs (steroids and recreational), lack of career prospects and lack of happy family lives.

There's even an unexpected bonus from adopting the right perspective. With training kept firmly in its place, you're much more likely to see through hype and deception and actually use the rational programs that are the most productive anyway. You'll get the most from training but without it consuming your life.

Perhaps you won't believe this truth until you yourself have suffered the madness of years ruined by an obsession. By the time you learn it, however, your obsession will have done irreparable damage, and you may need to write off a big chunk of your life. Get your training in good order, and then get on with your life. Do your utmost so that, in your twilight years, you won't be tormented with serious regrets about not having made the most of your single shot at life. There is so much more you can do with your life to make it rewarding and enjoyable, if only you'd challenge yourself to do it and stop procrastinating.

Making the most of your life is not about earth-shattering achievements. It's about doing your best to be your best. This is not measured just in terms of what you actually achieve but by the obstacles you have to overcome when striving to succeed.

While you're busy striving for new achievements, make sure that you enjoy life to the fullest, Too many people fail to fully appreciate their children, the treasure of a healthy body and the actual fruits of their labors. They also fail to appreciate the everyday good things that they take for granted. As terrific as training is, never forget that it's only a small part of the big picture.

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