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January 20, 2012    review
Carter   Age: 35

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Really happy so far with this one from beast. First time I have used this brand but just wanted something totally different than the standard hyped stuff like xtend or sizeon. Anyways, my biggest noticeable improvement has been my recovery, so I guess it works exactly as directed. I am able to train 4 days a week now instead of my regular 3 and I feel like I can actually maybe do 5. Just not as beat down and sore the next day anymore, I love it."

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BEAST Sports - Aminolytes - Amino Acids

Finally supplements that you can trust from a company delivering results since 1995

Beast sports has entered the recovery supplement drink market with their Aminolytes supplement! If you are a male or female athlete of any sport or activity and consider key aspects such as being big, strong, fit and healthy then this new ground breaking amino acid complex is your solution. Aminolytes has proven to dramatically accelerate muscle recovery, improve muscle repair, fuel new muscle growth and replenish your electrolytes from fierce workouts! It's also very easy to mix and drink as it quickly dissolves since it's micronized. Sure there are many recovery and amino acid type supplements on the market today, but have you asked yourself are you truly maxing out your potential? Aminolytes ...

Quality Products for those Serious about Experiencing Results!

Train Harder. Recover Faster. Aminolytes.

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