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September 16, 2012    review
Ligatronix   Age: 21

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I just bought this today from my local supplement store in mililani hawaii. i took one scoop of dstunner and my pre work out pills HEMO NOX, just a no2 booster. i noticed a distinct flavor, probably the 1,3 stim in it. it has a unique mix of 1,3 and rev pea. Most other top 1,3 products have almost double the dose, but only that one stimulant, so this is new for me as well im sure for many other inexperienced users. after mixing in 5 ounces of water, the taste was almost too good which lead me to believe it to be weak. I was wrong, 10 min later, i felt energized and focused, almost overwhelming, but it never got to that point it sat at the perfect level and maintained it for my entire workout. I did chest for 45 min and stretched for 10 after. i consumed 2 bottles of water while lifting just to keep hydrated and because it did sweat a little extra on dstunner but not that much. Your BREATHING IS INTENSE. If you smoke, which i will seem like you never did before, your sets will string together and you wont feel tired until you really start to push it or are doing super sets. I would recommend half a scoop if your new to specific stims because if you go to the gym alone, you might over work yourself (if thats a bad thing, and it can be) i would compare this product initially to KRONIC PUMP' SUPERPUMP 250 (the original nasty stuff) and Jack3d if your taking 3 scoops of it. Just for if you have used those pres then you know what im saying. There IS a crash, if you are not accustomed to stims YOU will crash because thats what they do, just depends how hard and how you counter it. Drink your protein after, keep hydrated, like at least 1 gallon a day if your taking this regularly, and i would not recommend using for more then 30 days with out a week off. There stimulants, your body builds tolerances and it wont be AS effective or youll take more then one scoop to be HARD, and thats not what you want. this shit works...period, i would start with a half scoop, and go train on your best muscle group, one you know you can do if you didnt even have a preworkout at all, and see where you are, thats my best advice. price wise its about 45 for where im at, but its worth every penny. Just remeber to cycle it and drink fu$$ing water. Also before i go, theres a pump, but its not over board and not terribly vascular, but its legit, and you know your working your muscle good, this shit makes you focus on your form extra hard, even if your sloppy sometimes, it will make you extra precise and you WILL feel it. "

January 21, 2012    review
Nate   Age: 45

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hi guys. I've now started my second container of d-stunner and will continue to use it. Very impressed thus far with the effects. First time I have used any products such as this and I can honestly state that it improves my workout dramatically. I have the energy and focus I did when I was 20 years old and I can train much longer as well without getting out of breath. I also find it, especially at my age, to get better pump stimulation as well."

August 27, 2011    review
Alex   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Perfection. Breathing is improved, recovery between sets is quicker allowing me to keep intensity up and oxygen uptake is increased. I doesn't feel like the traditional pre workout. It is similar to the feeling I get when I take my adderall, really focused!"

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BetanCourt Sports Nutrition - All NEW D-Stunner!

BetanCourt has stepped up their game once again with this latest in pre-workout power!

Betancourt is slowly but surely making their way as a forerunner in the industry with product such as D-Stunner breaking new ground and setting new standards along the way! D-Stunner goes to work and hard with key ingredients tested and proven to enhance your CNS (Central Nervous System) stimulators to help you experience the most intense energy filled drive your workouts have ever experienced. In a quick and easy to mix powder solution, you take one serving aprox 20 minutes before your workout and unleash the intensity you never thought you had. With a full 35 servings per container, D-Stunner will last you a couple of months which is rare for pre-workout supplements on the market today. With refreshing and tasty flavors to choose from, you can also start to enjoy your pre workout drinks instead of just downing them while pluggin your nose! Give D-Stunner a shot today and be sure to share your complete experience with us & others right here at fitFLEX!

Incredible Sustained Release CNS Stimulation with D-Stunner!

Use 20 Minutes prior to Workout for Extreme Results!

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