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December 8, 2011    review
Paul   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey everyone. I started with endocrine igf about 6 weeks ago now and am really turning into a fan. Previously I have done plenty of reading on releasing growth hormone naturally at night and the benefits seemed great, while safe. Well it did take a few weeks to set it but first effects were improved sleep. I slept like a baby and felt more refreshed in the morning rather than my previous sluggish self. Recovery began to improve and this point my strength is improved on all exercises and my lean body mass has improved about 4lbs while dropping about 5lbs of fat. Overall, it's an excellent product and even though the results may not be as quick as some expect, it's solid."

October 3, 2011    review
john appel   Age: 34

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Starting tonite so we will see. Switched from animal pm. Looking forward to seeing if the label is true."

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BetanCourt Nutrition - Endocrine IGF

Finally a supplement that can dramatically & naturally boost your growth hormone levels!

Betancourt sport nutrition has designed very effective new products this year such as Endocrine IGF! This specifically designed night time formula has proven to increase your growth hormone levels as well as your IGF-1 levels which will safely increase your lean muscle mass, in addition to improving your recovery. Proven ingredients are used in Endocrine IGF which actually signal GH stimulation, unlike other competitors on the market today which simply improve your sleep patterns which is not very effective expect helping you get a restful sleep. With the increase in GH levels you will also improve your fat loss rate, as well as experience growth hormone anti-aging effects which are a very common desire for individuals starting these types of supplements. Key ingredients such as eurycoma and colostrum are used in Endocrine IGF which are directly responsible to boost your IGF-1 levels, and puerarin with mucana are used to stimulate the growth hormone aspect. Start experiencing the real power of GH with this ground-breaking supplement today and be sure to pop by afterwards to detail your experience with fitFLEX!

Promote Muscle Growth & Recovery with Endocrine IGF!

Nighttime Growth Hormone Stimulator - Safe, Effective & Natural!

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