Overcome your Ego to Progress with your Bodybuilding Goals

Egos in Bodybuilding

The Power of the Mind Overcomes all Obstacles

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"Know This! Well," said Socrates, "haven't you noticed that opinion without knowledge is always a poor thing? At the best it is blind. Isn't anyone who holds a true opinion without understanding like a blind man on the right road?" (Plato, The Republic.)

Since you're reading this fitFLEX article, you probably have a favorable opinion of body-building. What you have in your hands is an instruction manual for achieving lifelong fitness and top-notch health. fitFLEX is a fountain of information regarding this very worthy endeavor known as physical culture that covers the gamut of fitness-related pursuits. fitFLEX will help you understand how to get healthy and stay healthy. It provides understanding to go with your opinion.

Most readers are not professional body-builders and never will be. Hardcore body-building, whose adherents are pictured herein, are a part of our physical culture. However, they are not the be-all and end-all of it. Some of you wish to be freaky massive like the men and women depicted on these pages. You risk bitter disappointment if you don't get your priorities straightened out soon.

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. Over 15 years ago the iron bug bit me, and the glorious poison courses through my veins to this day. My misconception of bodybuilding, identifying it only with the hardcore freaks, has translated into a sort of manic depression. Manic in that I feel great hitting the gym and pumping up. I even enjoy the muscle soreness I still experience after every workout. Depression because one of my dreams from the beginning was to get enormous, and that's not going to happen unless I spend beaucoup dollars on illegal, possibly bogus black-market drugs or find a doctor willing to work with me, 1 which is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Today I'm in the gym, training legs, and suddenly realize there are very few big people in here. Indeed, what we have is a bunch of . average-size men and women constantly trying to slim down, gain a few pounds of muscle, increase their strength, and improve their lives. And isn't that what bodybuilding ? is all about?

Do you have realistic expectations? Do you set reasonable, attainable goals? Remember that bodybuilding is basically about improving yourself. Don't be discouraged by the newest 300-pound behemoth in the magazines or the loudmouth anabolic monstrosity in your gym. The only person you are in competition with should be yourself.

Know this: No matter how big or strong you get, there will always be someone bigger and stronger coming along. If your ego depends on having the biggest biceps or the best bench in the gym, get ready to be knocked down a couple of notches on the self-esteem scale when the next guy comes along. Instead, if you can attain and maintain a decent physique with low bodyfat and have continued good health, you are enjoying success. Weight training, combined with proper diet, cardio and other sports that fall under the mantle of physical culture, is a surefire method for physical and mental success. Your self-esteem shouldn't depend on your being better than other folks. Be happy with the best you can be. If that means building a rock-solid 16-inch arm, doubling your strength level, and enjoying a long, healthy life - hey, man, you've made it!

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