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June 7, 2013    review
Joey   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Ok guys, I've been using the Tropical Ice flavor for about 3 weeks with pretty damn good results. For those wondering what this product is, essentially a pure form of Beta-Alanine, which you will find in your common pre-workout drinks. I make my own pre-workout drinks as it's much cheaper and I can control all of the ingredients, so this is the perfect choice for my stack. I scoop on my training days and another scoops first thing when I wake on en empty stomach. What you'll really notice is the increase in overall muscle pumps and fullness, which stays with you after your workout. Especially if you are taking it on off-days as well to keep the levels balanced around the clock.

Overall, it's good and I recommend it."

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Increase your Training Progress while Experiencing Superior Muscle Fullness & Pumps

BPi has once again, done the unthinkable with their release of Beta Alkaline, a powerful potent new beta-alanine supplement for athletes. Specifically CarnoSyn, is a naturally occurring beta amino acid which has shown to delay the onset of muscle fatigue and failure. This is an incredible benefit when it comes to resistance training as those last few repetitions are the ones that actually stimulate new growth and size. Having the ability to get a few extra reps before the muscle burn (lactic acid) takes over really improves overall endurance and training performance. In addition, you'll have much fuller muscle pumps and blood flow to enhance blood transport of key amino acids and other nutrients to the cells. In essence, you basically can witness dramatic improvements for overall muscular strength and power output.

Increase Athletic Performance & Levels of Muscle Carnosine

Loaded with Beta-Alanine - Professional Level Caronosyn

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