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May 23, 2013    review
Paul   Age: 52

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have been using this L-Leucine / Agmatine product for about 2 weeks now with good results. Grabbed it form this site at a good price, about $0.70 per serving. I have used L-Leucine in the past but I am new to Agmatine and I can say I am impressed.

I take it before working out only, about 10 minutes or so. It gives great pumps and muscle fullness right from the first few sets. I can also go longer through more repetitions as the burn / lactic acid doesn't set it in as quickly.

As far as flavor, they only currenly have the one, Fruit Smoothie, which to be quite honest is really quite nice. With a nice ice-cold glass of water I find it works best.

This is my first product from BPI supplements, but already I am impressed."

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The latest in anabolically charged nitric oxide stimulators for new muscle growth!

BPi really knows how to cater to the needs of advanced and elite athletes especially with their latest launch of Leucine Agma pH! As with all of their new clinical power series line of products, it is 100% pH balanced to proved optimal uptake and solubility once in your system. Each powerful serving contains pH buffered anabolic N.O. synthase which will take your blood flow and nutrient delivery to the highest possible level during your training sessions. In addition, the use of the powerful amino acid Leucine which is a very potent anabolic trigger will help enhance protein synthesis and an overall balanced protein state. This has been proven with it's direct effect on increasing the activity of mTOR & the phosphorylation of eIF4G. This without question is one of the more exciting products that 2013 will bring us! Be sure to share your experience with us at fitFLEX!

Powerful Ingredients Promote Anabolic Growth & Strength Gains

Powered with Nitric Oxide Synthases and Agmatine Sulphate

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