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September 9, 2014    question
Park   Age: 24

"... Hello. I have just started my first cycle and I'm wondering if it's bad to add my animal stack. I am taking c4 as preworkout, regen amino acids post and syntha6 protein. Should I change any of my supplements ?"


September 13, 2014
response by Shank

Too much.. no need to stack to test boosters as it will not increase your gains. Stick with one, with a good protein shake and meal plan for ideal gains.

January 18, 2014    question
Mario   Age: 18

"... I'm 19 turning 20 soon, just brought this product as I have heard some good things about.. 5 foot 7 inches weigh 125 lbs would like to get up to 140. Will this product help me? I train 3 to 4 times a week. Do I take each capsule straight after meals or no? How soon can I see gains if any.. Do I drink lots of water? "


January 18, 2014
response by Henry

You won't gain 15 pounds of MUSCLE in a few months naturally, but this product will help you get there naturally. Be sure to eat 4-6 meals per day and train 5-6 days with proper technique.

Gains come slow but they last, so stick with it.

If you do use this product, use it as directed on the label.


January 18, 2014
response by Mario

Do i just take 3 capsules on days I work out? What about rest days?

January 18, 2014    question
Mike   Age: 26

"... Thank you for the response, Paul. However, the directions on the bottle state "Take one (1) capsule three (3) times per day on workout days only." I agree that pre-workouts should not be taken on cardio days due to elevated heart rate, but is this an effect of Anabolic Elite as well? In using it for the past two weeks I have not experience any noticeable increace in heart rate, but was still curious if taking on cardio-only days is a risk. Thank you. "


January 18, 2014
response by James

I am not Paul but I have used this product with fairly good results.

I used it only on days that I did weights.. not cardio.

January 17, 2014    question
Mike   Age: 26

"... Is it recommended to take Anabolic Elite stacked with A-HD on cardio-only days as well, or is it restricted to anabolic lift days only? Thank you."


January 17, 2014
response by Paul

Yes, you need to take it DAILY to help you keep the levels STABLE in your blood. It's not like a pre-workout taken on training days, it's a daily thing this one.

January 16, 2014    review
Mike   Age: 26

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I have only been taking Anabolic Elite for about 2 weeks now. I stack with A-HD and MuscleTech NueroCore (pre-workout) and am impressed with the results. With only taking the pre-workout I hit my wall around 1.5 hrs, but with the A-HD and ELITE stack added I have to consciencely tell myself to leave the gym so that I can make it home for dinner. I will update my review once I finish this first 4wk cycle."

January 6, 2014    question
Joao   Age: 18

"... l'm currently 18 years old and l'm planning on taking this supplement. my questions are: does it have any side effect with my body? and should l try it? like, l think that 18 is a young age, but l read about this product and have been reading a lot of reviews. so would it be good for me? or wouldn't worth it? thanks"


January 17, 2014
response by Roger

It's impossible to tell how YOUR BODY will react to it, that is for you to discover. In general, following the instructions, starting off slow, drinking plenty of water with a a good diet and exercise plan will help you lose 2-3 pounds per week.

October 25, 2013    question
Andrew   Age: 20

"... After taking this supplement and getting a blood test, will there be a sign of lower test levels in my body after taking this supplement? Just wondering since if it peaks your test levels wouldn't you see a drop in test levels after taking the supplement? Heard that "


October 29, 2013
response by Mikey

No, your levels will actually be slightly elevated, in a safe and natural level. They will then drop down to your regular level.

October 7, 2013    question
pat   Age: 24

"... Do we need an estrogen blocker ?"


October 14, 2013
response by Vlado

No, this is a NATURAL testosterone booster. Meaning, you get all the anabolic benefits without any of the estrogen-based side-effects.

July 17, 2013    question
kostas   Age: 34

"... Hello,
I have just bought the Anabolic elite and i have a question about..Should i take my last dose at my last meal at night or i will have problems whith my sleep?(i have already some sleep at night broblems that's why i ask you)

Thank you,


July 20, 2013
response by George

Anabolic Elite doesn't effect your sleep patterns.

June 18, 2013    question
Brenda   Age: 25

"... Can I also take a pre-workout supplement while I am taking the Anabolic Elite? Thanks."


June 19, 2013
response by Joey

Yes, that would be a great combination. I would also highly suggest you consider using a high quality protein as well.

May 22, 2013    question
Chris ramirez    Age: 19

"... Do i need to take a post cycle after the cycles over? "


May 22, 2013
response by Nick

No, that is not required. To help keep your gains and continued progress, I would suggest you keep your protein high and add in glutamine / creatine on a daily basis. Wait about 4-6 weeks before starting another testosterone booster (if that is your plan).


May 24, 2013
response by Hollis

I was told to take a-hd

May 5, 2013    question
John   Age: 24

"... Im taking this for one week, and i only have one day off, but anyways i do aerobics, should i take when i only do aerobic, or only when i workout?"


May 6, 2013
response by James

This products is meant to be taken EVERDAY. It's not like a pre-workout where you take it to help you training. Instead you need to take it everyday to keep your homrone levels balanced and peaked. If you skip a day they will fall and leave you with weak results and / or side-effects.

April 26, 2013    question
Carlos   Age: 25

"... Guys, should i take it always in the same time? Like if i take 8h 3h and 9h , should i take in the same times next day?"


April 26, 2013
response by George

Hi Carlos, yes try to take it as close to the same times each day as possible. Remember, only on WORKOUT DAYS, on rest days you don't take it. And also with food or a shake, never on an empty stomach.

April 23, 2013    question
Juan   Age: 20

"... Is that a kind of steroid?
I know you will tell me to read below, but my computer is freezing, and its not showing for me, if u can answer for me again. tnks"


April 23, 2013
response by Mike


Find another computer to find all your answers below.

It's very simple, follow directions on the label, train, eat, sleep and grow.

Good luck to you.

April 22, 2013    question
Juan   Age: 22

"... Does it affect the liver?"


April 22, 2013
response by Nick


April 22, 2013    question
Mary   Age: 19

"... Is that a kind of steroid? or just contain testosterone? I hear people talk very well about it"


April 22, 2013
response by Matt

Question has been answered, take a minute to read them below.

April 22, 2013    question
Juan   Age: 21

"... Anyone can use it? Do we use it every day or only when in the days of workouts?"


April 22, 2013
response by Matt

Again, question has already been answered below.

April 21, 2013    review
Ken   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hi guys, just wanted to share here that I just finished a full bottle cycle, training 5 times per week with 4 solid meals and 2 shakes (whey) per day. I gained roughly 9 pounds and it doesn't look like any fat or water as I am lean to begin with and still am. Really excited about this and will use it again in about 6 weeks after a break.


April 21, 2013    question
John   Age: 19

"... How does the Anabolic Elite works? Could you explain a little bit?"


April 21, 2013
response by Hank Jr.

It works by using natural ingredients to stimulate your own body to produce more testosterone. This allows for faster recovery from workouts for quicker gains in muscle and strength.

April 21, 2013    question
Carolina   Age: 17

"... Hey, Can u help me?
I have a excellent diet, and clean meals, im working hard, and i want to start taking the anabolic elite, do you think it will have any problems? Can i take it?


April 21, 2013
response by Jorge

At 17 it's too early. Your natural test levels are peaked. Wait for 19-21 years old. In the meanwhile, use the basics such as protein, glutamine, creatine, vitamins and amino acids during training. That is all you need to make good gains at your age.

April 20, 2013    question
nathalia   Age: 19

"... When should i take the anabolic elite? i know is 3 times per day, but can i take any time or have some specific times better than another?"


April 21, 2013
response by Nick

Spaced out evenely is best so your blood and hormone levels are stable. So breakfast, mid-day and before bed is ideal.

April 8, 2013    question
David   Age: 23

"... I am going to start my first cycle of this product. Is it too much to stake with AMP Creatine 189 post workout or should I just lay off the 189?"


April 9, 2013
response by George

No, it's actually a good combination to add creatine. You should also consider a whey protein supplement, glutamine and amino acids during training to get the most out of this. Be sure you are eating or drinking 4-5 meals per day.


April 9, 2013
response by David

Thank you George for the response. What about combining it with Pump HD or some other beta alenine before my workout?


April 9, 2013
response by George

Hi David, Pump-HD is an excellent pre-workout, you can use that or other products that contain Beta-Alanine.

This site has a good recommendations list as well for this category that I agree with.


March 5, 2013    question
Carter   Age: 25

"... just bought my bottle of elite, with gold standard 100% whey and some multi vitamins
I'M READY!!!!!!"


March 6, 2013
response by George

That's excellent. remember to train hard, eat your 4-5 meals per day, rest 8-10 hours each night and you'll really see some fantastic results.

Keep us posted on your progress Carter.

February 23, 2013    question
Nick   Age: 31

"... Been using this product with Test7 and GRP-HD, is this stack okay, or is using with Test7 overkill? "


February 24, 2013
response by Peter

I really don't know WHY you would stack TWO testosterone boosters together, waste of money if you ask me. Using two doesn't give you twice the results as your body can only use so much ingredients at once. I would stick to ONE at a time, save your money.

Instead, focus more on your training, nutrition and other supplements such as protein, amino acids, creatine, glutamine, etc.

January 10, 2013    question
Thiago   Age: 33

"... Hi, I am planning on using this supplement and I'd like to know more about it and how is the best way to take it.

I've read here that it should be taken with two more supplements (AHD & SOLID). Why should I do this combination?

Somebody said me that the exact protocol for the BPi stack is (Anabolic Elite) weeks 1-6, (AHD) weeks 5-8 and (SOLID) weeks 1-8.
Should I take them at same time?
W1-4: Elite and SOLID: Both at morning? Before workout? After workout? Different time?
W5-6: Elite + AHD + SOLID: Same question.
W7-8: Elite and SOLID: Same question.

My current diet is:
Breakfast: eggs, whole bread + turkey meat and casein
Middle of morning: banana + oats or whole bread + turkey meat.
Lunch: Chicken meat, whole rice, sweet potato and salad.
Middle of afternoon: banana + oats or whole bread + turkey meat.
Before workout: BCAA + Jack3d.
After workout: Whey Protein (with Dextrose and BCAA).
Dinner: Light food (like whole bread, salads, chicken meat).
Before sleep: Casein.

What do you guys suggest? Is it okay?
Nowadays my weight is 85kg. With this diet do I keep my weight losing just fat mass?"


January 10, 2013
response by Carl

Thiago, please refrain from posting your question on a single page, not multiple products - thanks.

The best way to take the supplement is to follow the directions on the back - there is no special recipe to get better results. What makes the difference with your gains is your dedication to your training and nutrition. But the smart dedication, not just the habit of it.

Yes, stacking it with SOLID and AHD will improve your progress - but also using a good protein powder post workout and a good multi-vitamin is also important.

Again, for directions for each product - FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BOTTLE, it's quite simple.

Your nutritional plan looks to be very good, but be careful of using dextrose after your workout as most people actually gain fat and water from the rapid insulin spike.

Best of luck and stay focused.


January 10, 2013
response by Thiago

Thank you Carl. When I posted in the other topic I did not know that the A50 had been switched by the Elite Anabolic.

Most of my instructors say that the use of Dextrose is to recover energy and do not underutilize the whey protein. Both are taken after the workout with a time frame of 10 minutes between dextrose and whey protein.

I am taking Casein from Optimum and Whey from ISO Sensation 93.
Do you recommend another one?

Thanks again and sorry for post in the both topics.

December 23, 2012    review
TBone   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Just finished my first bottle and about to start my second, first bottle lasted for a little less than a full month. Wasn't sure about it first couple of weeks but then I started noticing significant changes, feeling stronger and I'm gaining muscle, feels fantastic. Make sure you intake as much protein as you can while you're on it for best results."

December 5, 2012    review
mack   Age: 32

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... i gotta say i didnt expect much, but im feeling a difference with the elite. im feeling a bit stronger. i also have hardened up a bit also but not sure if thats all on the elite because i increased my bcaas at the same time i started the anabolic elite. i will update my thoughts after a few weeks of use."

December 5, 2012    review
George   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Two weeks now on this and I will say that it's just as good as the A50 product. I actually think it's slightly better because the A50 made my skin a bit greasy but this doesn't. Strength is way up on all accounts and I am looking fuller, harder and denser. I'm using it with C4 and Con-Cret before training and then some isolate protein afterwards. Really a good feeling to tear up the gym and just see the results in the mirror each day. I know a lot of people say the prohormone days from a few years back are dead, but I disagree - this is the new wave!"

November 25, 2012    question
mack   Age: 32

"... does anyone know why it says to only take the anabolic elite on workout days only?"


November 29, 2012
response by Hammond

You take it just as the A50, EVERYDAY.


December 15, 2012
response by AJH

your taking this every day?


December 15, 2012
response by George

Hi AJH, yes. But only because I train 7 days a week. It should only be used on training days (3 servings on those days) so the average person will use it 4-5 times per week.

November 22, 2012    review
Jfraz   Age: 29

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Yes it is you can call the company on the product line. When I called they told me this is a stronger replacement to the A-50. I was also asking what would be a good stack on this , they told me first cycle the elite and then on my second bottle stack the A-hd with it. Good luck and I'll keep you all updated on my results as well !!!"

November 18, 2012    question
mack   Age: 32

"... i was just about to order a50 when i found out about this anabolic elite. my question is to anyone who has used a50 and how was it for them?"


November 21, 2012
response by George

It is the next step up from A50, from what I hear it is stronger but the original A50 is still a great product.


November 28, 2012
response by Del

Was A50 actually that great or was it just a placebo effect? From reviews and the ingedients list it looks like garbage, see supplementreviews dot com/bpi/a50. If you could shed any light onto why those ingredients were chosen and how you can tell it's working that would be great.

November 10, 2012    review
PFC. Story   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I'm currently starting my first week [since thursday Nov. 10th 2012] and ill let you guys know the effects in a couple weeksand let you know if its worth buying."

November 6, 2012    question
Ryan   Age: 35

"... Can the new Bpi product Anabolic elite be stacked effectively with Ahd and solid in replace of A50"


November 12, 2012
response by Nick

Yes, that is what it is meant to do as the A50 is being replaced.

September 28, 2012    question
Paul   Age: 21

"... So from what I hear this is going to be the next replacement for the A50 product. Anyone can confirm this and also the release date?"


October 3, 2012
response by Richard

Yep, they are going to fade out the A-50 product with this one. Not sure why as the A-50 really works well for me.

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