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June 3, 2013    review
Karen   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... This is my first time using a fat burner that works while you sleep and I am really excited by the results. In the past 3 weeks of using this I have lost 9 pounds already. I go to my gym twice a week for cardio classes and watch what I eat after 6PM.. it really is quite simple to be honest. Before I added this product to my nights, I was pretty much not moving up or down which was frustrating."

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BPi Sports - NITE-BURN

It's never been easier to melt the fat away especially during your sleep! Try it today!

BPi Sports supplements never cease to amaze especially with their latest fat burning marvel, NITE-BURN! This product is quite unique compared to the rest of the weight loss products on the market simply because it works when you don't have to, at night. That's right, it's taken before bed and gets to work helping you reach a deeper level of sleep and promoting fat loss. This metabolic enhancement is achieved through several pathways and is based on a precise combination of ingredients to get the job done. These include, Lemon balm, Raspberry ketone, Melatonin, White kidney bean, Vitamin D3, Saffron, Green coffee bean, L-Tryptophan and finally Dandelion! These alkaloids and extracts work hard to help you reach your weight loss goals. Also included is a mild appetite suppressant which will help you with those cravings. So what are you waiting for, give NITE-BURN a try today and feel the difference!

100% NON-Stimulant Formula - Will not Interfere with Rest

Promotes Deep Relaxation & Improved Weight Loss during Sleep

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