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Aromavex PCT
Aromavex by BSN

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October 19, 2012    review
John   Age: 41

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... So I am on my 3rd week with this and overall I think it's worthwhile. I haven't used any test boosters in about 6 months so my receptors and system were fresh and clean before starting this. I take one serving when I wake up, another with lunch, then with supper and again before I go to bed. I don't actually medically check my test levels but I know they are up because I have used test boosters in the past. The benefits so far are more energy, strength and my muscles are harder and fuller. It's not as strong as the prohormones of the past but for me it's worthwhile. People around me tell me I look bigger and more vascular so that is a sign for me as well. I think I'll run it again as I do think it works."

September 26, 2012    question
El   Age: 34

"... When this product will be in stores, Or where it's avail. In the palm beach area?"


September 26, 2012
response by James

It's available right here! Click on the link above or the picture and get it next day.

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BSN - Aromavex PCT

Finally a Legal, Safe and Effective Solution to Help Restore your Natural Testosterone!

BSN has been around for over a decade producing some of the highest quality products and their latest to hit the shelves, Aromavex PCT is once again going to set standards. Designed to be taken following their EvoTEST testosterone booster drink, it will allow you to keep your hard earned gains and continue on with your progress. PCT is very important for those that use products that increase their natural growth hormone levels, more specifically testosterone. When this happens your body comes out of homeostasis as it is producing more strength and muscle building hormones then usual. Aromavex will ensure that your body will not rebound through estrogen release or lag in producing regular levels of testosterone so you can continue with your training and retain your gains. Composed of natural, legal and proven ingredients this product is safe to use!

Help your Body Reach a Perfect State of Hormonal Balance

The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy for BSN's EvoTEST Formula

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