The Health Effects of Caffeine and Creatine Mix: A Good or Bad Combination?

Caffeine Creatine

Think Twice before combining your Creatine with Coffee

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You say you've tried taking one of those creatine monohydrate supplements but haven't noticed any results? That you've loaded the stuff for five to seven days at a rate of 30 grams divided into six daily doses, but have zilch to show for it? The problem could be as close at hand as that cup of java you enjoy before heading to the gym.

So says a group of Belgian researchers who recently examined the effects of combining caffeine with creatine supplements. Caffeine is popular not only for its mild stimulant effects but also because some bodybuilders believe it helps release bodyfat during exercise. Taking this into account, the Belgian scientists wondered if there might be a synergistic relationship between creatine and caffeine.

The study involved nine healthy males who received either a placebo or creatine at a rate of 0.5 grams per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of bodyweight a day. This group was compared with another that consumed the same amount of creatine, but with five milligrams per kilogram of caffeine a day as well. The athletes were then tested on machines designed to measure muscle performance.

While both groups showed an average 4-6% increase in muscular stores of creatine, strength increases accrued only to the group that took creatine without caffeine. The researchers concluded that taking creatine along with caffeine completely negates the ergogenic effects of creatine.

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