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Ronnie Coleman Signature Series
Resurrect PM
Resurrect PM by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

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January 23, 2013    review
Paul   Age: 48

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Excited about this, really a great product that I have been looking for, for some time now. From the first night, I slept all the way through. Maybe it's my age, but I usually get up 3-4 times, toss and turn, etc. Either way, also experiencing much faster recovery from my workouts which helps fuel me for the next days sessions. I think this is a huge part of my success in the past few weeks and I highly recommend it. Most of the time we just put all the effort in the gym but once we head home we really don't do much else, this is what makes the difference and gives your body the break it needs to actually make progress."

October 14, 2011    review
Shane   Age: 36

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... This is one product I am surely planning on using as I have always had issue with getting enough sleep, deep sleep. I've tried a handful of supplements out there and none seem to work well enough. Does anyone know of the release of this one? I'd like to try it ASAP."

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Ronnie Coleman Signature Series - Resurrect PM

Introducing the World's Truly First Ultra-Concentrated Sleep & Recovery Aid Supplement!

Ronnie Coleman has released one of his first supplements, Resurrect-PM! This all new ultra concentrated supplement promoted deep sleep so you can get that rest and recovery to build and repair your muscles from one workout to the next! Wake up actually feeling refreshed and recovered and ready to start the day off right. With the help of Resurrect-PM, you will boost your natural testosterone levels as well as growth hormone levels while you sleep which will lead to better gains with your bodybuilding goals. Ronnie Coleman himself has put his name on this product.. so trust experience from one of the greatest to walk the bodybuilding stage and start with Resurrect-PM today!

Naturally Promote Growth Hormone & Testosterone Levels!

Resurrect PM Promotes DEEP & RESTFUL R.E.M. Sleep Patterns

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