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Ronnie Coleman Signature Series
Testogen-XR by Coleman Signature Series

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February 17, 2013    question
d_faithful75   Age: 37

"... How do you obtain free samples?"


February 17, 2013
response by George

I am not sure there are free samples of this product out right now. I usually visit this for the latest free items:

September 5, 2012    review
Shane   Age: 46

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Excellent! I have been using this for about 5 weeks straight and am extremely impressed. It took about a week or so for me to feel the effects but since then it just improves from week to week. Getting stronger and muscle look full and thick all the time. I have gained about 7lbs but I actually look leaner as well. I supplement with whey isolate twice a day and eat another 3 solid meals. I train 4 days a week with zero cardio. I really lik this."

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Ronnie Coleman Signature Series - Testogen-XR

The Only Line of Supplements Trusted and Created by 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman has added another feature to his Signature Series this time to help you pack on some serious mass and strength, Testogen-XR! Unique in it's nature as it's one of the very first powdered drink testosterone boosters rather than the tired old multiple capsules other brands all short with. Besides having the natural ability to dramatically improve your own free testosterone levels rapidly without side-effects, it also has a built in nitric oxide precursor that will promote the best pumps and workout experiences of your life. This two for one combination is really an industry first and help you save time and money by having it all in a single daily scoop. Also, as it's delivered in a concentrated format, it gets absorbed very quickly and required small dosages. Get growing again with ease, give this product a try and share your experience with it right here at fitFLEX!

Optimizes Nitric Oxide Production for All Day Muscle Pumps!

One Scoop Required Daily for Optimal Testosterone Enhancement

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