DNP: Straight Forward Facts on Dinitrophenol (DNP)

DNP Facts

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The Good

Want to lose some weight? How about half a pound of fat a day, without dieting or doing cardio? What if the fat loss occurred primarily around your hips and waist? That's what dinitrophenol, or DNP, can do for you. It's for real and it works. But oh, I forgot - it can also kill you. DNP has been used as a dye, pesticide, explosive, wood preservative and metabolic inhibitor; the latter is an agent that stops the hotly from producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The food you eat, your own body fat and muscle can all he broken down, absorbed and converted into ATP. ATP then provides energy for your muscles to perform work. When DNP stunts the body's ability to make ATP, the body compensates by converting more fat into ATP, and voila, you lose weight fast. The reason you lose fat so fast is because your metabolism is increased 1w up to 50% or more. That means if you normally burn 2,000 calories a day, you'll burn 3,001) calories while taking DNP, and most of the fat loss occurs around the hips and abdomen. We aren't even talking about restricting calories or exercising! DNP can also improve certain disorders like hypertension.

The Bad

So if it works so well, why isn't everyone using DNP? To answer that, let's backtrack to World War I. French monitions workers manufactured DNP for use as an explosive From 1916-1918, 36 deaths were attributed to DNP exposure in munitions factories; the workers were absorbing it through their skin and lungs, and levels of this chemical got so high in their bodies that they died. Some of them died from fevers as high as 115 degrees F. Now here's the really freaky stuff, When some of these people were examined, their bode temperatures continued to increase although they were cleat!! Their autopsies revealed that they had almost no body fat.

Well along come the 1930s and some U.S. physicians decide to give DNP a try for weight loss. Their rationale was that since DNP induces such massive fat loss, perhaps in a controlled environment it would he beneficial in treating obesity. It began to grow popular and by 1934 more than 20) wholesale drug firms marketed DNP. Its use spread to Canada, Great Britain. France, Sweden, Italy and Austria. Then reports started coming in of side effects edema (swelling), joint stiffness and pain, headaches, dizziness, vomiting, fever, skin lesions and skin rashes. Then, around 1933-l935, death reports started appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association and other medical journals. The problems were occurring at normal dosages; some people didn't lose weight at those doses and, even worse, others died. DNP was prescribed at dosages of 3-5 mg per 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of bodyweight per day.' At doses up to 10mg per 2.2 pounds of bodyweight per day. metabolism could increase up to 50%. At doses above this (mostly for animal studies), metabolism could increase up to four times. Some people would experience extremely severe allergic reactions from an initial dose; skin eruptions would form and take some time to heal. Others died at the lowest dose prescribed. Toxic or lethal closes in humans vary significantly front person to person. Some can't handle even the lowest dosage, while others may not experience the metabolic effects even at twice the standard dose.

The Ugly

Used in studies to damage cells, including muscle cells, DNP causes alterations in cell structures that can be permanent. Because DNP prevents insulin molecules from attaching to muscle cells, insulin can't do its job if increasing the uptake of amino acids and glucose. If a bodybuilder were to take it to get ripped, for example, an anabolic hormone such as insulin wouldn't be able to stimulate muscle growth. DNP also inhibits production of thyroid hormones and prevents them from working properly in the body. The list goes on and on. As a final example, immune cells lose their ability to "eat" foreign cells and material, increasing susceptibility to disease and impairing most ATP-dependent functions.

DNP also causes hand tremors and profuse sweating, as well as more serious far-reaching effects. After going off DNP, individuals may or may not gain back more fat than before, depending on how screwed up their thyroid hormones are and what they're doing in terms of diet, and exercise. Ten years go by, and why is it getting so dark? The final surprise: Even after years of not using DNP, a number of people get cataracts. What's it going to be? Ripped, less muscle and dead, or a hit more aerobic work and alive? DNP isn't worth the risks. Fortunately, the compound is hard to come by and difficult to make at home. Don't be misled if your buddy tried it and says it worked great for him. He can still get cataracts in the future, and you can still die from using the same dosage.

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