Erin Stern's Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

Erin Stern DIET PLAN

Erin is one of today's top figure competitors in the IFBB division. She has won the Ms Figure International as well as the most prestigious Ms Figure Olympia! She really does represent the ideal body in every sense of the word for upcoming athletes and motivation for the average woman.

Being at the highest level of the sport, Erin uses a very strict and regimented diet plan. Here a sample menu for the day:

Meal 1 - 5 egg whites with oatmeal.

Meal 2 - Plain greek yogurt with an apple.

Meal 3 - 6oz of chicken breast, brown rice and steamed green vegetables.

Meal 4 - 2-3 rice cakes with a whey protein shake.

Meal 5 - 6oz of grilled fish with a green salad.

Meal 6 - Casein protein shake before sleep.


Erin is known for her many different variations of weight training and resistance exercise. She tends to shy away from actual "bodybuilding" type exercise and prefers more of a "hybrid" workout which contains a variety of methods. More specifically, she includes plyometrics, powerlifting, and sprints.

If you want to follow along with Erin with her training, here is her current training split she uses:

Monday - Leg Training

Tuesday - Chest Training

Wednesday - Back Training

Thursday - Leg Training

Friday - Shoulder Training

Saturday - Arm Training

Sunday - REST DAY

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Erin Stern
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