IGF-1 - Exercise Allows You To Live Longer

Exercise to Live Longer

Arch Intern Med. 165: 2355-2360, 2005

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Couch potatoes complain that exercise doesn't make you live longer it only seems longer. Inactivity is the rule rather than the exception in America, but most people who exercise feel better, have more energy and are less likely to suffer from heart disease, cancer or stroke.

New data from the Framingham study a long-term population study that began in 1948 showed that men who started exercising after age 50 lived 1.3 years longer and remained free of cardiovascular disease for 1.1 years longer than sedentary men. Those who trained intensely got even more benefit they lived 3.5 years longer and were free of heart disease 3.2 years longer. For women the differences were 1.5 and 3.5 years in life expectancy and 1,3 and 3.3 more years free from heart disease (depending on training intensity).

People benefit from exercise, even when they start later in life particularly if they train intensely.

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