Bench Press Strength Show to Increase With Explosive Warm-Ups

Explosive Warm-Up

International Journal Sports Physiology Performance, 1: 261 269, 2006

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Do you want to add pounds to your bench press? Try some explosive push-ups or a use medicine ball before you max out. Sports scientists from the University of Massachusetts, led by Jim Wilcox, measured maximum bench press strength in 20 male college athletes. Five days later, the scientists again measured maximum bench press, but included a warm-up consisting of two reps of plyometric push-ups or medicine ball chest passes 30 seconds before the max attempt.

Subjects increased their bench by an average of about 5 pounds. They concluded that during low-volume, explosive force, proper body movements 30 seconds before a max bench press attempt may increase bench press performance in athletic men. It would he interesting to see if this technique enhanced bodybuilding training or increased performance in power events such as discus, shot put or baseball.

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