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August 26, 2012    review
Paul   Age: 42

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Using the watermelon flavor as directed for the past several weeks and very impressed. Yes most of the pre-workouts I have tried are very similar, this one doesn't give cramps or crashes at the end of my workouts. Pumps and stuff are good too."

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EXT Sports - GO

Never Start a Workout or Training Session without the Proper Nutrition to Prime and Fuel!

EXT breaks in to the industry with some of the best ingredients packed in to a pre-workout formula yet, introducing their latest GO product! First thing that sets it apart from the get go is the great choice of flavors that currently range from Watermelon to fruit punch and Blue Raspberries. No more acid or extremely sour drinks, these you can actually sit back and enjoy! It also gets to work much quicker than other formula so you don't have to wait around or work around long periods - simply 1 scoop about fifteen minutes prior to training is all it takes. The reason this is so successful is that it's not just a hyped up stimulant or concentrated type bogus product, instead it entails a great variety of ingredients that actually promote new muscle growth, strength and recovery - the main reason you're in the gym. So give a pre-workout drink that actually does it's job a chance today!

Take your Strength and Muscle Building Potential to the Max

Improve your Focus and Intensity with Every Training Session

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