Short-Term Goals help Relieve Depression - From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out

There are so many outer and inner factors that control our overall health and mental state

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Everyone's had to wrestle with the unavoidable, deplorable bio-rhythmic dip at one time or another. This is a point in your cycle when nothing seems to go right and there's stress at every turn. Sometimes you get so down, you just can't get a grip, and all of your activities suffer severely-workouts become a chore, your work turns into drudgery, and even solid relationships start to crumble right before your eyes.

The solution for many of us who reach this "desperate" state is to ride it down, down, down until we hit rock bottom with a resounding thud. After we're there for a while and the days pass like years, things eventually - after an extended haul-start looking up: Some of the ugly negatives turn positive, and we begin rising out of the dark depths of depression until we finally make it back to our old selves.

This rock-bottom approach is the long and wrong way to cope with such an emotional downswing. You can't just let things slide; you've got to fight back.

Your emotional state of mind will get much better much faster if you confront your emotions before they bottom out. When you notice a down state dominating your psyche, try combining these four uplifting strategies to get you back on track.

Remember, you're not alone. Everyone goes through emotional peaks and valleys. You're not strange or different-just normal. If you convince yourself of this and truly believe it inside, it will be much easier to cope, stay afloat and keep a positive attitude on the outside.

Talk it out You need an outlet, but don't choose just anyone. It must be someone you trust with all of your heart: spouse, best friend or training partner. They are the ones who will give you honest, intelligent feedback. They know you and will do their best to help, no selfish motives involved. If none of these people is available, a psychologist isn't out of the question. They are expensive, but sometimes impartial, educated feedback is the best medicine.

Set short-term goals Nothing breeds success like success itself. When depression begins poking you in the stomach, set a few, easily attainable goals-things you can accomplish every day. Beginning a new hobby will help in this respect. You'll progress quickly-just like you did when you started bodybuilding-and all of your small triumphs will program your mind for more victories and help reinforce your self-worth.

Back off at the gym, but don't quit Working out is one of the best stress releasers around; however, if you're overtraining, it can be a big part of the problem rather than a piece of the solution. If your depression persists, try doing less at the gym. Freelance- take it easy, have fun, try new exercises or techniques. Let go of your intense mind-set for a week or two. This will recharge your batteries and help bury some of those ominous emotions trying to jump out of the shadows.

So remember, the next time things aren't going right at the gym and/or in your personal life, fight back- work from the inside out, don't hit rock bottom. You've got to minimize your down time because the more positive days you have, the more pleasurable your entire life will be. And that's what will make you a solid success.

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