Dexter Jackson's Diet Plan & Workout Routine plus Photo Gallery

Dexter Jackson DIET PLAN

There is one simple reason why Dexter got the classic nickname of the BLADE! In his many years of gracing the stage, he has never come in off. Getting in ripped condition is a combination of genetics, training and a proper nutritional plan.

Here's a basic starter diet program when getting ready for a show or simply when you want to get ripped!

Breakfast - 8 egg whites, 1 yolk, 1 cup oatmeal or grits

Mid-Morning - 1 meal replacement shake, 1 baked potato

Lunch - 8 oz chicken breast,

Mid-Afternoon - 1 meal replacement shake, 1 baked potato

Dinner - 8 oz orange roughy or tilapia, green beans

Night-Time - Whey protein shake or 8 egg whites


Dexter has built a fantastic well-balanced and proportioned body through his bodybuilding career that actually continues to this day. He has used many different types of training but he is known for minimal cardio - genetic freak!

Below is a typical training split that Dexter would follow to sculpt his body to legendary status.

Monday - Quads

Tuesday - Chest and Calves

Wednesday - Back

Thursday - Shoulders and Hamstrings

Friday - Biceps and Triceps

Saturday - Rest (light cardio and abs)

Sunday - Rest (light cardio and abs)


Dexter Jackson
Dexter Jackson
Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson
Dexter Jackson
Dexter Jackson