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January 6, 2012    review
Nick   Age: 34

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Super impressed with this latest version, better taste and I am a big fan of priobiotics. Most people assume you can have a yogurt from all the false advertising on the commercials, but if you read the small print you will notice that you would have to eat a truck load of yogurts per day to get your daily requirements.

I suggest those that are more health conscious and health aware then use this Probiotics version, others that don't care or can't be bothered stick to the old version.

Either one is an excellent choice for daily protein intake."

January 6, 2012    review
John   Age: 28

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... Not as good as the original Myofusion. I think the original tasted great, and was extremely high quality product. I'm a professional body builder and want results. I don't want to pay more for a lower quality product! If I want probiotics with my shake, Iíll mix in some yogurt!"

December 11, 2011    review
Nick   Age: 46

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am fairly new to this brand but have been using Myofusion for several years now with good results and I will be honest the great taste is really helping especially having a couple each day. My wife picked up a few jugs of the new one as she wasn't even aware it had changed and to be honest I really do think this taste just as good and I am going to stick with it due to the probiotics addition."

December 8, 2011    review
Doggg   Age: 29

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... Sam,

I think you are the one that is mis-informed and need to do some research. Lets put the whole Probiotic portion of it aside, and the fact that Gaspari is riding on the success of their original product and the hype of probiotics in today's market. The protien content and quality is subpar!
1) Look Closely at the new vs. old label. Yes they dropped the protien by 1 gram. But they also increased the scoop size to cover up the decrease. If you do the math you'll see that the original has 69.4% protien per serving. (25g / 36g scoop). The new has 61.5% (24g / 39g scoop). Thats a 7.9% drop.
2) Brown Rice Concentrate is DIRT cheap compared to whey. It is the primary protein source used in most major Dog and Cat foods becasue its so cheap!
3) Brown Rice Concentrate is nowhere near as high quality as Whey. Brown Rice has a Biological Value (BV) of 70-80 compared to Whey having 90-150. Brown Rice Concentrate has a PDCAAS (Protein Digestability Correct Amino Acid Score) of .47 vs Whey being 1.0. Brown Rice Concentrate has lower amino acids than whey, and tends to be low in Lysine; which negatively imacts bioavailability.
4) To add an extra slap in the face, the new prodcut costs more!

No Thanks... I'll stick with the Orignal MyoFusion. If it gets phased out, i'll find have no choice but to find another brand!"

November 30, 2011    review
Sam   Age: 31

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Hey Doggg, decided to post here as well after reading your comments. You have your information completely wrong, one GOOD look at the label and you will see that.

The new formula has SIX protein sources, over the previous version that has just FIVE. And guess what? All those FIVE are included in the NEW formula with the addition of the brown rice concentrate, which is far from cheap. Do some research. So again, how is having ALL THE SAME PROTEIN source PLUS more a BAD thing?

The protein, amino profile has INCREASED and IMPROVED. Yes, the grams per serving has dropped, BY ONE gram. But the quality has improved many times over. Do the math.

Not to mention the addition of probiotics.. do have any knowledge or experience about this. Wait a few months all the big brands will release a probiotic version of their proteins as well. Keep up son.

Not sure if you've even tried it, but get your facts straight before posting baseless comments.

My two cents.


November 30, 2011    review
Doggg   Age: 29

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... Myofusion Probiotic doesn't live up to its predecessor. It does taste good, but thats because upon closer ispection of the label, Gaspari has decreased the protein content, increased the carbs, and using a cheaper protien source (Brown Rice Concnetrate). I'm going to stick with the orignal!"

November 13, 2011    question
joe andriani   Age: 49

"... Can I purchase Myofusion Pro-biotics in Vancouver b.c.If so,which stores do carry this product? Thank You. "


November 13, 2011
response by fitFLEX

Hi Andriani, the best option as of now is to purchased it online through the sales link at top. It may be a while before it is physically on store shelves.

Let us know what you think of it.

November 12, 2011    review
Joel   Age: 26

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Just had my first shake and wanted to post that it tastes just as good as the original myofusion - that was my concern. I am using the Cinnamon Roll flavor and it's perfect. From what I read the probiotic effect isn't instant but supposedly really beneficial with daily use - but I'll post another follow up when I finish the bottle. Just wanted to say so far so good!"

November 9, 2011    question
Neil   Age: 22

"... Wow.. you guys are quick.. seriously I love fitflex! When is the expected release and will it carry the same good flavors that the regular myofusion has? If so I will be giving this a go ASAP!"


November 9, 2011
response by fitFLEX

Thanks Neil, much appreciated. Release date is December 1st and the flavors were are aware of are strawberry, chocolate, banana, cinnamon roll, cookies and cream and vanilla.

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GASPARI - Myofusion Probiotic Series

Powerful Protein Powder Infused with Enhanced Patented Probiotics for Top Level Athletics

Gaspari has once again revamped their leading protein with the new Myofusion Probiotic Series! This ultimate protein shake contains all the recovery and muscle growth ingredients you can possible ask for! Now, with the power of health improving probiotics, this protein stands above the rest. A powerful combination of 6 varieties of protein such as whey hydrolysate, egg albumin, casein isolate, whey isolate brown rice concentrate and whey concentrate fuel your body from all angles in a time released powerhouse around the clock! Once again, Myofusion Probiotic will also be available in the delicious flavors that has made Gaspari one of the kings of the supplement market. Stop messing around and take your protein intake seriously as it directly reflects your progress or lack of - give Myofusion Probiotic a try today!

Contains Patented Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086 Probiotics!

Incredible SIX Amino Acid Packed Sources of Protein!

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