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February 13, 2011    review
Oakie   Age: 36

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... I did not notice a single thing!
I am at it hard 5X a week, 6ft 225lbs. I was looking to dial it in by dropping 10 lbs. This product failed. I am a fan of other Gaspari products however. "

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Gaspari Nutrtition - PHENOREX!

Gaspari Introduces to the Supplement World Phenorex - Thermogenic Power Un-Leased!!

Gaspari Nutrition once again delivers results above all hype with the all new Phenorex! This powerful and never-before-seen thermogenic will yeild results like never before. Phenorex harnesses the intense power of thermogenic bio-amine to the max! Gaspari claims that it goes beyond the laughable ads that proclaim "hardcore" and "underground" results, they claim that they make products that work, simple. Using the latest ingredients, cutting edge research and development to bring you thermogenics like Phenorex that actually work. Not loaded with caffeine or yohimbine to fool the customer, Phenorex actually uses ingredients you can trust and depend on for the results you want. Give Phenorex a try and see if Gaspari lives up to it's name as it does with the rest of it's popular and effective line-up!

Due to the Potent Nature of the Product - Consult with a Doctor!

Gaspari Nutrition Phenorex - Intense Thermogenic Bio-Amine!

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