Growth Hormone Cuts Fat & Improves Blood Sugar Levels

GH and Blood Sugars

Growth Hormone ~ GF Research, 16: S62-S67, 2006

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Growth hormone supplementation is a common treatment for combating the effects of aging, obesity and insulin resistance. Researchers from Stanford University concluded in a literature review that growth hormone is effective for decreasing total body fat and abdominal fat in overweight, middle-aged adults. Insulin resistance increases in patients during the early phases of treatment.

This means the body has difficulty regulating blood sugar. Abdominal fat is highly related to insulin resistance. Growth hormone decreases ab fat, which gradually decreases insulin resistance and improves blood sugar control. Almost all studies on growth hormone supplements have been conducted on older, sedentary, obese men and women. Fit people are less likely to experience growth hormone side effects in blood sugar control than people who don't exercise. Many fit people (old and young adults) take growth hormone supplements, Unfortunately, we know very little about how these drugs affect them.

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