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February 18, 2015    question
Mike   Age: 38

"... Not sure if I'm right but I think the above review is of the older version of this product that contained the now seriously controlled substance 6-bromo (Imagine millions of American men are jailed all because of 6-bromo) This new product, however, contains 8-bromo. I really have no idea what it is or the difference between 8-bromo and 6-bromo?"


March 31, 2015
response by Nathan

I think from what I've read that they are quite similar. One is banned and the other will probably follow shortly.

September 4, 2012    question
Chris   Age: 57

"... Hi, can a person with Hep C take this supplement?"


September 8, 2012
response by Mike

This is a difficult question, I would strongly suggest you take this to a professional with the entire label so they can give you an definite answer.

November 11, 2011    review
George   Age: 34

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I would compare this to the old novedex xt from gaspari but more potent. Started to see and feel changes a few days in and at this point it's in full swing. I am leaner, muscles are harder (due to the estrogen block) and strength is gradually climbing. Will post a full experience when I am done the cycle. So far great."

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - Estrogenex Depot

It's time for a safe, effective and legal anti-estrogen you can could on - Estrogenex Depot!

Hi-Tech has created an exciting new anti-aromatase supplements they refer to as Estrogenex Depot! Unlike other products in the category, this one is safe and legal to use while providing you with ground-breaking results! With powerful ingredients, Estrogenex Depot supports healthy estrogen modulation that you can count on, even for PCT! This is one of the most powerful anabolic lean muscle mass catalysts on the market today. If you're interested in gaining solid, hard lean muscle mass then combining Estrogenex Depot with a sound nutritional plan and hardcore training program - you'll be happy with the progress!

Dramatically Promote Enhanced Levels of Free Testosterone!

Designed for Bodybuilders & Strength Athletes for Muscle Mass!

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