Homeopathic Bodybuilding

Homeopathic Bodybuilding

There is always a safe and natural method to improving your health and well-being

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Like most athletic endeavors body-building requires a delicate balance of proper training, nutrition and recovery. It is the quest for the keys to this balance that has us forever reading articles like this one. The problem is that much of the information is contradictory. How do you know what is right? How do you know whom to believe? I, too, am a bodybuilder, and I have enough physiological and scientific knowledge to help me wade through the nonsense. Until a few years ago very little research had been done on the specific training and dietary needs of the bodybuilder, so I began to read research that was done on sports similar to bodybuilding to get some answers to my questions. The problem with seeking information that was done on other sports and applying it to bodybuilding is that you have to make a decision as to what type of sport bodybuilding is and which sports are related.

To most people any activity that involves lifting weights is a strength activity requiring little endurance. I remember reading articles by researchers who had never touched a weight, described body-building as primarily strength-related, an-aerobic work, with no cardiovascular benefit. Well, that's not how I train. Any-one who bodybuilds knows that it is one of the most well-rounded sports one can do because it has both a strength as well as a cardiovascular component. Don't tell me that nine to 12 sets of 10 to 16 reps with only a 20-second rest between sets is not cardiovascular. My point is that body-building is closer to track and field and sports like rowing than it is to weightlifting or powerlifting, which are short-duration, anaerobic, strength activities.

Now that you know that bodybuilding is more of an endurance sport (all those sets and reps), you should be able to see that it is a carbohydrate-, not a protein-dependent activity. In fact, there really is no sport that is protein-dependent. But more on that in a future article.

I was pleased to learn that so many of the bodybuilders who have called or written have already used some form of homeopathic medicine and were happy with the results. To those of you who have never heard of it before, homeopathy is a legally recognized branch of medicine that has been around for about 200 years. Homeopathy is, therefore, subject to the same laws and licenses as are other forms of medicine.

Homeopathy was extremely popular until the 1920's, when chemical drugs be-came the rage in medicine, and the drug companies economically forced the closing or merging of the homeopathic medical schools with the allopathic, or chemical, medical schools. Today homeopathy is regaining popularity because of the movement away from the chemical drugs. This is partly due to the negative press chemical drugs have been getting (such as all the problems coming to light about steroids). Also, many physicians along with the public are finding the chemical drugs to be, in many cases, not worth the risk due to their toxicity and dangerous side effects.

We are all searching for more effective, natural, less-harmful ways to maintain health and treat illness. I turned to homeopathy because I was very ill as a result of all the steroids and chemical medicines I had taken. I was originally trained in chemical medicine and believed in it, but when I needed it to help cure me, it couldn't. Homeopathy literally saved my life. It is the only form of medicine that is biologically compatible with the human body and is designed to detoxify and strengthen the human body.

All homeopathic formulas are drugs. They are not supplements. They are primarily immune-system stimulants and detoxifiers. Because they are electromagnetic and not chemical in nature, they are extremely safe. All homeopathic medicines are natural, nontoxic and are free of harmful side effects. For these reasons they are officially classified as over-the-counter drugs by the FDA and are available without a prescription.

Since the medicines that I have developed-Octabol, Recovery and the Metabolic 6-Pak-are drugs, their formulation and manufacture is strictly con- trolled and regulated by the FDA (as all supplements are), and all the substances used in their formulation are classified and tested according to the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

Another aspect of homeopathy that sets it apart from other forms of medicine is that no animal research is ever done to determine the effectiveness of a human homeopathic remedy. In fact, homeopathy was founded as an alternative way to produce and test remedies without doing harm or creating side effects to the human patient. Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, took the premier law of the physicians' oath of Hippocrates, "First do no harm," literally.

To a homeopath it does not make sense to use animals for research, since their physiology is different. It is erroneous to think that if we give something to an animal, like a rat, they will respond in the same way as a human would. Animals and humans are not physiologically compatible. Chemical drug companies had to get into animal research because the drugs are so deadly, it could never be justified for them to do the research on humans. This was the case 200 years ago too.

Today it is becoming harder to morally justify animal research. The best way to find out if a substance is going to work on humans is to test it on a human. Addition-ally, human research has the greatest advantage over animal research in that humans can speak and tell you what they are experiencing and feeling. Since homeopathic drugs cannot be toxic and cannot do any harm, it's safe to research them on humans. It is in this sense that homeopathic drugs have always had the advantage.

My homeopathic anabolic formulas have been tested and used on athletes for more than three years. Although Octabol, Recovery and the Metabolic 6-Pak have effects similar to steroids, they have no side effects. They have no capability of doing any harm to the body. They cannot, unlike chemical drugs, force the body to act or do something that is abnormal. What my formulas do is normalize, stimulate and assist the functioning of the body.

Some people who are non-bodybuilders would say that bodybuilding is an abnormal condition for the body. That is untrue. It is completely normal to develop large muscles in response to exercise. Therefore homeopathics are the perfect natural choice to help produce muscular growth because they will stimulate the normal growth and repair process begun by exercise.

All Bioenergy anabolics are taken sub-lingual because this allows for an immediate uptake of the electrical message in the body. All the substances in the formulas are from natural sources and are free of pesticides, toxins and allergens.

All the herbs used in the formulas are grown in a pesticide-free environment and are processed according to strict German Spagyric techniques, in which the entire herb is utilized. So you get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in the herbs.

I have designed my formulas to work like a computer program in the body, stimulating those factors and processes needed for muscle growth, endurance and recovery. Every time you take one of my formulas, you are altering the program-ming of your system favorably in a healthy way. You need to take homeopathics throughout the day because each time you take the formulas you are running the program for about four to six hours. You are repeating the program when you take another dose of the remedies.

These formulas work regardless of age or sex. In fact, they work extremely well on older bodybuilders. We have had professional football players take them and report that they give an aggressive edge similar to what they experienced with steroids, just not to the extent of producing 'roid rage. These formulas are anabolic, and they contain homeopathics that stimulate testosterone production. Therefore, they will give you a slight edge in being able to aggressively attack the weights.

One word of caution: If you have previously taken steroids even years before for only a short time, the steroid residue may still be in your body. Detoxifiers that are included in the formulas, which are designed to detoxify the liver and pull the steroid residue from the system. When this residue is being pulled out, you may show up positive for steroids on the drug test because the test checks for steroid residue. It will take two to four months for this steroid residue to be completely cleared from the body. This is another sign that the homeopathics are working. If you have never taken any steroids, you don't need to worry about testing positive on the drug test.

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