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October 6, 2016    question
Mary Jackson   Age: 75

"... I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and taking Edabyclor 40/12mg. I did not check with the doctor about this and wonder if there is a supplement I can take for gland health. Thank you"

February 24, 2013    question
Frank   Age: 60

"... Is this product OK to use with blood pressure meds?"


February 25, 2013
response by Ken

I would venture to say no, but to be sure check with your doctor first. If you have blood pressure issues, it's not worth the risk right?

March 1, 2011    review
Mike   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Very promising product to say the least. I started with gland all about 3 weeks ago and I really have noticed a big difference. I am harder, more vascular and appear leaner. The scale puts me at an improvement of about 6lbs but I think it was more because I have lost some fat and water weight as well. Overall no side-effects. A little bit of aggression but that is helpful in the gym.. nothing crazy or violent. I also use a pre workout and post workout, both from Gaspari which I find helps. For protein I still with hydrowhey from Optimum Nutrition.


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Hot Stuff - Gland ALL - Anabolic Testosterone!

Taking the power of Natural Anabolic Pathways to Stimulate your Testosterone Levels!

Hot Stuff International supplements have made a big splash in the market with the all new Gland All! The time has come for safe and effective testosterone boosting through natural anabolic pathways that actually work! Flood your muscles with over eighty anabolic stimulators to start packing on new lean muscle mass like never before. With extra muscle mass comes improved strength levels as well! The latest scientific advancements were involved in the success and creation of Gland All, specifically designed for athletes. Take training, progress and recovery to the NEXT level with Gland All today!

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