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October 14, 2013    question
Armando   Age: 42

"... What is the max scoop I can use per day?"


October 19, 2013
response by Paul

Stick to one scoop about 30 minutes before you train. Don't use more. If it is not working well.. then your body is just used to pre-workout stimulants and you need to take a break before you kill your receptors for life.

Remember, with any pre-workout product you should never go longer than 10 weeks of use. Always follow this with at least 4-6 weeks OFF.

May 23, 2013    review
Carl   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... My buddy grabbed a couple of these and gave me one to try. I have used it for 4 workouts now and I am really impressed. He gave me the Red Lemonade flavor which is good, and mixes really easily. Doesn't float to the bottom like some other pre workouts do. I heard it is simular to Pump-HD from bpi sports brand but I can't compare as I haven't used that one. I have used probably a dozen differet pre-workout drinks and this is right up there in my opinion. Great pumps and vascularity, good focus and energy, zero crash and my muscles are fuller already which is probably the creatine content.

Overall I am happy with this.. I will order it here to keep running it."

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Image Sports - 4D-PUMP

The latest in innovative and ground-breaking pre-workout supplementation for athletes!

Image Sports has been coming out with some exciting and very potent supplements as of late which includes their 4D-Pump formula. This pre-workout drink is perhaps the final one you'll ever have to buy as it really does cover all the bases and provides you with superior workout endurance and intensity unmatched today. It's ideal to be used with any muscle building or strength building programs as well as more common goals such as endurance improvement or powerlifting. In essence, it is the fuel you need to get the job done. It breaks new ground as it is fueled by the power of Agmatine and it doesn't leave you with any of those annoying tingles other pre-workout drinks come with. Experience dual nitric oxide modulation with increased performance and endurance. Give it a go today and experience what real progress is all about!

Directions: 1 Single Scoop 15-20 Minutes before Training

Take Advantage of Longer, more Intense Training Sessions

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