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May 23, 2015    question
Joey P   Age: 28

"... I have started use on this product just curious with the muscle agent when u take 3 capsules is there a time period like every 6 hours I'm not sure how to take it "


June 26, 2015
response by Roger

Keep it simple Joey, just stick with the directions one each bottle.

April 9, 2015    question
Alias928   Age: 22

"... To those who have this product, what is the 7 Day Fast Track Plan? Better yet, What does it look like?"


April 20, 2015
response by George

Try googling it or google image search it to find the insert.

March 5, 2015    question
Nate   Age: 24

"... How is this stack for trimming fat While building muscle? "


March 17, 2015
response by Trevor

Because it does exactly that. Be sure to have your training, diet and rest on point.

December 3, 2012    question
preston   Age: 25

"... do i need a pct after taking this "


December 4, 2012
response by Peter


November 21, 2012    question
Casey   Age: 22

"... So I'm 6'2" 195. I have worked out all through high school and college for baseball so I'm not new to this but I do have a question. Iv recently purchased the B.I.G stack by ImageSports as well as the AMP Ripped vitapak by GNC and iv just started the stack today but was wondering how is the best way to manage my supliments throughout my day to receive the best results. Even though today is my first day of taking this I do have to say my focus in the gym is through the roof. So at least I can tell everyone so far the Alarm preworkout is the real deal! "


November 29, 2012
response by Chris

Great choice on this stack and in all honesty there is no secret method to use them - just follow the directions and you'll get the most benefit. Be sure to follow a good diet plan eating 4-6 meals per day, train hard and heavy and get your 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Get ready to GROW!

November 1, 2012    question
Gage   Age: 18

"... I'm currently considering this supplement. I keep reading all these good things. Just curious if I would have anything to worry about taking these with my other medications? Advice?"


November 5, 2012
response by Pauly

Would all depend on which exact medications you are on, it's impossible to guess what you are taking as all medications have some implications when their mixed. Talk to your doctor to be sure, it's your health right?


July 27, 2013
response by KyleB.

ive had the pre work out sample pack that lasted about a month and i know it helped i said eff it and bought this kit and i started yesterday if i remember this site ill write another review on how its working........

September 7, 2012    question
Dtunez808   Age: 30

"... Just starting taking it n it's working good. I just got off of Jack3d and went straight to alarm,What I need to know if it is safe to go straight to alarm without cycling off jack3d?? "


September 8, 2012
response by Roger

Glad to hear you are getting some good results and it's working for you. I probably would have taken time off from JACK3D as your body is zapped and needs to recover. You won't get nearly the right benefits from ALARM as your receptors need a break.

July 26, 2012    review
Randy G   Age: 45

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Currently using and experiencing great gains in strength and size. I've actually lost a few pounds so I'm loosing fat and gaining muscle. 5'9 218 lbs. 45 years old and just benched 315 again after many years. I've tried many other suppliments and never recived these kind of results."

May 7, 2012    review
Drew   Age: 18

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Just bought the stack today, I'm 6'0 165 trying to get to 180lbs, heard good things about the product with the proper post-workout supplement so I'm looking forward to it. "

April 2, 2012    review
Zeus    Age: 23

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Just bought The B.I.G stack today. Looking forward to start it already. Im 5'10" 182 lbs hoping to get up to 190lbs with this product. I will write a post within a week or 2 to let you know how this product works. "

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Image Sports - B.I.G. Muscle Building Stack / Kit

A perfect combination of muscle builders all in one stack to help you get results!

Image Sports has created a fantastic muscle building kit, the BIG Muscle Building Stack. This complete one month supply is the perfect combination of products to help you realize your muscle building and strength goals. In this kit you will find the follow, Alarm, Test PCT 7 and Muscle Agent. The foundation of muscle building, increasing testosterone and pre-workout stimulators in a perfect combination for real life results. First, Alarm is your pre-workout intensity magnifier to get you through your workouts. Use only on training days, 1 serving about 20 minutes prior to exercise. Second comes Muscle Agent, which is designed to promote a boost of testosterone activity as well as a lean and hard physique. For best results, take 1 capsule three times daily for the first week, the next couple of weeks take 1 capsule twice a day and for the final week consume 1 capsule once a day. Finally, TEST 7 PCT is dual-acting testosterone booster which regulates your estrogen. Be sure to take one capsule every morning for the duration of the cycle. This is your answer to a safe, effective and legal muscle builder that will actually provide you with results!

Improve Mass, Strength, Muscle and Hardness - 1 Month Supply!


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