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January 2, 2019    question
Rich   Age: 41

"... Where can I find this I know it's not sold anymore but I'll take it if any is left out there"

September 30, 2016    question
Tiny   Age: 44

"... Hit send too soon. Is the product both safe and effective to be taken all year round in cycles of 8 weeks on / 8 weeks off? "

January 6, 2016    question
Gata510   Age: 37

"... Any side effects with a drink or two here and there? "

October 3, 2015    question
Lou   Age: 28

"... At my age is it ok for me to take this product? And what are some of the side effect some users have had? "


November 3, 2015
response by Hank

Yes, 28 is normal to use this. No sides, it's a natural supplement.

September 26, 2015    question
Bo   Age: 31

"... Is it safe to double up on the test 7 and carbon stack??"


November 8, 2015
response by Jorge

No, follow the directions. If you don't find any results from this natural supplement then you are expecting too much. Remember, nothing replaced steroids.

August 12, 2015    question
Chris   Age: 56

"... Started using Test 7 PCT and Carbon....What can I expect? Will this help my testosterone levels stabilize; since I am 56 and I know my levels have to be down due to age. I'm 6'2", out regularly, but not more than 50 min a day in the gym. The walk in the evenings 4-5 miles.
Want to lose a few more pound and tone up. I figure 215 is an excellent weight for me
Is this a good product for my plans and activity level? Should I stop after 8 weeks and take time off, if so, how long and should I stay away form other test boosters during that time?
Thanks "


August 26, 2015
response by Parker

It will help slightly but at the age of 56 you may need a prescription to get your test levels to a healthy level.

August 2, 2015    question
Tex   Age: 56

"... Just started Test-7 and I wonder if you know whether the proprietary ingredients may include DHEA. I don't want to OD on DHEA, which I take already."


August 26, 2015
response by George

No, DHEA is banned.

May 27, 2015    question
ron    Age: 23

"... so this test 7 and carbon label says to take it in the morning.. would i get the same result if i took this stack in the morning and train in the afternoon or do i have to train in the morning to get the best results"


June 14, 2015
response by Jorge

The best way to see is if you give it a try. The key is to make it work around your exercise.

April 28, 2015    question
Robbie    Age: 42

"... I took my first shot of cypionate 7 days ago for low test. I asked him about my estrogen levels raising
due to being on test and he said they would rise. He told me to get the GRP/TEST and that would lower my estrogen levels and help me on my test levels. Im planning on taking the cypionate for 2 months then coming off for 8 weeks. Will the Test 7 effect me in negatives ways while being on the cypionate for 2 months? Will I be ok taking both the GRP HD and TEST for the 2 months while on the cypionate? Ive also read all yalls answers to these posts and yall are in top of it all. Good job guys!!"


June 26, 2015
response by Rupert

What is Cypionate 7?

March 23, 2015    question
Rod   Age: 45

"... I am taking t-shots, I weigh 225, beginning exercise. Will this product help me lose 15 lbs and gain lean muscle? do you recommend this product for me?"


March 28, 2015
response by Sam

If you are already taking TEST then this is a waste of time.

To lose weight you need to watch your diet and / or increase your cardiovascular activity.

January 18, 2015    question
rob   Age: 28

"... This will be my first stack ever. I know, "just follow the directions", but are there any recommendations you can offer a first timer?"


January 18, 2015
response by Nick

No other way to do it but to follow the directions Rob. Don't worry about other people telling you how to do it, they are wrong.

November 30, 2014    question
Luiz    Age: 19

"... Even though i am skeptical to look at a test booster at my age I want to see a little more building in the gym, I'm worried as to if I take a test booster it will do one of the so called myths on the internet of ball shrinkage and or excessive acne, can you put my mind at ease in anyway ? "


December 2, 2014
response by Richard

At your age, it's a waste of time and money. Your natural test levels are already high and using this will shut you down.

October 23, 2014    question
jonathan   Age: 22

"... hello, I have been taking test 7 / grp, I know that I take, then to recover, or if I can stay?"


October 30, 2014
response by Ken

Speak english.. then we can help you.

October 16, 2014    review
DT876   Age: 32

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... I recently found out that I have low testosterone, and I've been looking for ways to solve this problem without having to get expensive injections. I've tried a few supplements from GNC, all that had little to no results. I stumbled across the Dr. max Powers Testosterone Boost - I've noticed that I'm more energized every day even with the same amount of sleep and no change in diet. I'm also able to work out longer and harder at the gym, and I believe I am building muscle much easier too.

I've only been taking the Dr. Max Powers Testosterone booster for roughly two to three works, and with this much of a significant change, I can't see why anyone suffering from low testosterone wouldn't want to give this product a try. It works great for me, and works awesome for many other people."

August 24, 2014    question
Jo   Age: 29

"... Before i start using test 7/grp hd, i just want to know if it would show up on any drug test or any test that test for steroid use?"


September 13, 2014
response by Nick

What is the drug test looking for?

July 7, 2014    question
jonathan   Age: 20

"... i just purchased test 7/grp-hd,i am currently on my last day cycle of t-bomb ll, t-bomb ll is suppose to be an 8-12 week cycle and i am only on the 4th week, i was going to buy my 2nd month cycle but the employees at gnc recommended this instead, anyway i was just wondering if their would be any problem going from t-bomb to test 7/grp-hd without any break in between?"


August 7, 2014
response by Jimmy

You should be taking a BREAK after using tBOMB for about 6-8 weeks, not just jump right in to this. GNC people usually tell you whats best for their pockets as they get commission for what they sell. Anyways, take a break to allow for your receptors to recovery before jumping in to another test booster, otherwise you're wasting your time and money bro.

June 22, 2014    question
randy m   Age: 29

"... I just started taking test 7 and canon stack it says take on full stomach can I get good results if I take it on empty stomach "


July 6, 2014
response by Andrew

Follow the directions..

June 4, 2014    question
rob   Age: 34

"... does taking test pct 7 make your penis small?"


June 7, 2014
response by Lada

Nothing makes your penis small, that is impossible. What testosterone MAY do is temporarily shrink your testicles as they won't be producing as much testosterone anymore.

May 25, 2014    question
kg   Age: 23

"... I've taken anabolic steroids in the past (2 years ago) and failed pct due to alcohol abuse and pride. Haha. But messed up my estrogen level real bad as a male and that ain't great at all. I bought 2 Test 7 PCT and will plan to start the eight week cycle. Lets say great diet, construction type work, along with cardio and gym workouts, and protein shakes, will taking Test 7 alone be effective on a scale of 1-10 in looking for simple muscle build and weight loss. Also, will my estrogen level decrease regarding my mistake in the past, even if it's possible tissue in the breast. Or I need to surgically remove what I believe to be tissue. And dont remind me I messed up because I know. Any ideas?"


June 7, 2014
response by Ken

Damn, using anabolic at 21.. what is this world coming to. What happened to hard work in the gym and diet.. anyways.

Stay away from ALL test boosters my friend. Just stick with good foods, 5-6 meals per day and training hard 4-5 days per week. Only supplements you require are a good protein, glutamine, creatine, fish oils and multi-vitamin.

May 20, 2014    question
oscar   Age: 21

"... Ill say i abused anabolics somewhat, which i now regret , being i didnt know much when i took it.. Not so long ago i finished one But i got high estrogen levels side effects.i havent been able to regulate my levels, maybe something i did wrong during those pcts. Lost a little of my gains. I bought the product after looking up pct's. I wanna ask and be sure if this will helpe get back on track or recommend using something after. So i can have my hormone levels regulated, and not mess with any of that stuff anymore. I guess my bodies reaction to it was somewhat different."


June 7, 2014
response by Carl

High estrogen levels will natural subside, especially at your age. SO just be patient and all will be good. Don't introduce any more of these products, otherwise it'll be a neverending cycle.

May 4, 2014    question
Josue   Age: 22

"... I plan on taking this product, but do I have to take an 8 week break between cycles like it recommends or can I take a 4 week break? What would be the effects of a 4 week break?"


May 16, 2014
response by Adrian

Yes, there is a reason it's set up as 8. Your body needs time to recover and your receptors as well. Taking 4 weeks will yield very little results if you hop back on again. Be patient, eat well and train hard and you'll keep your gains Josue.

March 21, 2014    review
Robert V   Age: 31

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've just recently purchased Test 7 stack 3-20-14 hopefully I get the same results as most of you all on here. I will keep you updated hopefully with some great results.. Wish me luck"

March 19, 2014    question
Gregg   Age: 24

"... If I'm taking test 7 with GRP stack (growth factor), is it designed for cutting in a caloric deficit or is it made to build muscle while preventing fat in a small caloric surplus? Test 7 says take on full stomach and GRP says take on empty stomach. Do I take them at the same time or do I take Test 7 in morning after eating and GRP at night on empty stomach for maximum Growth?


March 23, 2014
response by Paul

It is not ideal to use this in a caloric defecit situation. Sure it will help you hold your lean muscle slightly but it's far superior in a maintentance or bulking phase in my experience.

March 9, 2014    question
sam   Age: 49

"... i work in construction and at my age i feel tired a lot. i am hoping these supplements will help.The instructions are confusing it says take Test 7 in the morning on a full stomach and the GRP-HD says take in the morning on an empty stomach. How do i correctly take these supplements?"


March 23, 2014
response by Sean

Yes, boosting your test levels naturally using test 7 is a good way to increase energy, mood, strength, muscle mass and sexual drive. Follow the directions.

February 18, 2014    question
Chris   Age: 31

"... Hi - I too purchased the Test 7 PCT and GRP-HD stack from GNC. They also sold me on some GNC Vitapack that contains like 6 different pills. It mainly includes, fish oils, cla, multi-vit, etc. I plan on taking the Test 7 and GRP-HD in the mornings and the vitapack at night as advised by the guy at GNC. I bought 2 months worth of everything as I plan on taking for an 8 week cycle straight in order to give my body the extra boost it needs to get into shape. I am just about 2 weeks in and I am seeing pretty rapid results with daily workout and a better diet. My concern is what do I do when I am done as I know my hormones will likely be out of whack. Based on your responses so far, you suggest taking ZMA and Tribulus PCT to help keep hormone levels from spiking. I will do that, but my question is, when can I stop taking supplements and just workout normally. I don't want to lose anything that I have gained and I also want to ensure that all of my hormone levels go back to normal. Do you suggest gradually decreasing the dosage of ZMA and Tribulus? I don't want to be taking supplemants forever."


February 24, 2014
response by Shawn Ray

Take the vitapack in the mornings with your first meal, that is the way to take it. These clowns at GNC don't know anything and work on commission.

I didn't suggest to take ZMA and Trib post-cycle, but I do know that it works well to restore your levels.

January 18, 2014    question
John   Age: 34

"... Paul, thank you for a quick response. I stated that I have no current heart issues, my father does, I'm not looking for any short cuts. Just a way to build muscle and get lean along with my current work out. I was just curious if this product was something I needed to see a doctor before using? I have no medical problems and currently a runner and trying to get back into weight lifting. I just needed some advice because these product are new to me!!"


January 25, 2014
response by Neil

No doctor is required for this product unless YOU have any other conditions or feel you may as it runs in the family. Can't hurt to get a check-up and advice. Just know that 99 percent of doctors frown on supplements.

January 18, 2014    question
John   Age: 34

"... I just got this product, and saw some of these questions, you said your cholesterol levels will raise. Just wondering how safe is that. Does that mean your normal intake of food needs to be regulated in regards to the pills,I have family history of heart issues but I don't have any issues. Just wondering if u have any advice for first time user who is unfamiliar with this type supplement .?"


January 18, 2014
response by Paul

Cholesterol levels will NOT raise with the directed use of this supplements, that is my opinion. Your blood pressure may rise slightly due to the increase in naturla testosterone levels - which will return back to normal after use.

If you have a history of heart issues, then it's probably best not to use any product that increases your blood pressure.

Instead, stick with the basics of a good protein, vitamin, fish oils, etc. Good 5-6 meals per day with good training you'll make better gains than you would expect.

Don't look for shortcuts.

January 5, 2014    question
Alex    Age: 47

"... I love this pill in combination with GRP-HD. Since this product is not assesed by food and drug adminstration could you let me know which country this product is manufactured from. I really like to continue taking and recommend to my freinds but knowing if this is made in the USA or other countries will make a difference in my usage going forward as well as the people that i know would love to take this product. "


January 17, 2014
response by Paul

You need to contact the company directly to find that out.. try their facebook page.

December 28, 2013    question
J   Age: 28

"... Finished half a cycle of sust and had poor pct about 7 months ago. Really feel like test/estrogen is out of whack. Thinking about a cycle of test 7 and grp. Typical results aside do you think this will straighten things out?"


January 17, 2014
response by Drew

It might, next time don't abuse anabolics.

November 30, 2013    question
edt523696   Age: 43

"... is test 7 also ok for maintaining sexual stamina along with overall health "


November 30, 2013
response by Sean

Yes, it's a natural testosterone booster so it will help all males especially aged 35 and older.

November 5, 2013    question
Jason   Age: 20

"... I am taking test 7 pct but what I need to know is if its a actual estrogen blocker?"


November 7, 2013
response by Nick

Yes. A natural and very effective one. It will also raise your testosterone levels safely.

November 1, 2013    question
Ramon   Age: 26

"... I'm on the 5/8th week of grp and test7, and I'm a lot stronger. Really great product so far. Do you thinik I should take tribulus or should I add anything else? And for how long? Thanks!"


November 7, 2013
response by George

Once you are done the cycle, yes. Add in tribulus, zma and fish oil from Optimum Nutrition each night.

October 31, 2013    question
John   Age: 27

"... So if you should take zma and tribulus post test 7 to help hormone balance, would that not implicate that it does in fact mess with estrogen levels?"


October 31, 2013
response by Joey

Hi John. Does this product lower your estrogen levels, of course. That is what an increase in testosterone does. So, by taking the ZMA and TRIBULUS PCT you ensure that there isn't a spike of estrogen back to the system (which would come with negative side-effects) but rather a gradual release back to stable and healthy levels.

October 15, 2013    question
gary   Age: 51

"... grp hd and test 7 pct that I just started using as rec. by gnc. I just started running again and looking to loose weight along with a daily sit up push up and exercise routine. no weight lifting as of yet. what can I expect from this and how long should I take these, as you cycle. new to to this Lind of supplements"


October 19, 2013
response by George

It all depends on your genetics, effort with your training and your daily diet. If you are doing things healthy then you will see GOOD results from week to week.

August 24, 2013    question
Freddy   Age: 23

"... hi, my plan is get bigger and build muscle mass, so which product is recommended for me, test 7 and carbon pack, or test 7 and grp hd. i bet both are great but i dont know which one. thank you"


August 26, 2013
response by Jason

I would suggest stacking it with GRP-HD. Listen, everyone reacts differently so you just have to try it for yourself to find out.

Remember, more importantly you need to focus on your diet and training as well as a good quality weight gainer or whey isolate protien shake as well.

August 7, 2013    question
SandMan   Age: 43

"... Can the GRP / Test 7 stack be combined with NO-Explode by BSN for pre-workout?"


August 7, 2013
response by Jake

Yes, as the other two products play a different role, you can use the NO-Xplode before your workouts as well to get even better results. I would also suggest using a whey isolate protein shake after your workouts.

July 21, 2013    question
Sergey   Age: 25

"... Is there a certain effect when you finish the cycle? Like problems with erections or having high estrogen level. I wanna take this but not sure what post cycle effect will be. Is there something I should take after this in order to make sure there are no problems with a sudden stop in this testosterone booster?"


July 25, 2013
response by Adrian

No, there are no side-effects as this is a natural testosterone booster. You can follow it up with a tribulus / zma stack each night afterwards to help keep your hormone levels optimal and continue with your strength and size gains safely.

July 20, 2013    question
gilbert   Age: 42

"... Im about to use this test7 and grp-hd stack, can I also stack the no2 red from mri with this or will it be too much?"


July 21, 2013
response by Joey

As the NO2 Red is a pre-workout supplement it doesn't conflict or overlap with the other two you have mentioned.

Go ahead. Be sure to also utlize a good whey protien supplements twice daily.

July 17, 2013    question
Larry   Age: 32

"... How many minutes of Cardio do you recommend?"


July 20, 2013
response by Sammy

All depends on your genetics, goals, body fat, diet, daily sleep, exercise, supplements etc. Too many factors.

BUT, general rule is to start with 20 minutes of cardio first thing in the mornings or after your workouts. Every 3-4 weeks increase it 5 minutes. When you reach a point of 60 minutes per day you should be losing 2-3 pounds per week. If not, then your training, cardi and diet are not good, fix it.

July 16, 2013    question
Larry   Age: 32

"... Hey I just started Test-7 along with GRP-HD also. My question is, will that help me ripped quicker? Thanks."


July 17, 2013
response by Karter

Yes, both supplements will help. But remember, if you're not on a proper daily diet and doing enough cardio then you'll never get the results you want. It's a combination of supplements and your daily effort that make it work.

July 5, 2013    question
matt   Age: 22

"... Should I take something before using this stack or can I just take it as a test booster? I know that it says PCT. I just want the best results."


July 6, 2013
response by Shane

It is labelled as a PCT but it's act perfectly well as a natural testosterone booster. The reason it's called a PCT is that it helps restore your levels if you have used any stronger anabolics beforehand.

Be sure to keep your protein intake high.


July 15, 2013
response by Jorge

How bad is drinking alcohol on the weekends? & those are my days off

June 25, 2013    question
lb   Age: 23

"... I am a female is it okay for me to take test7/grp-hd without growing a beard && hair thinning ?"


June 28, 2013
response by Sammy

Yes, but you have to be smart about it. Start at the lowest dose and listen to your body. If you start breaking out in acne and have greasy skin, that is a sign of things to come so end at that point. I would suggest starting with some milder such as Tribulus and ZMA to see how your body reacts.

June 19, 2013    question
Ray   Age: 35

"... Test 7 is great, but An eight (8) week break between cycles is recommended. So Do I just go without anything? Or should I pick up some other supplement?


June 19, 2013
response by Jason

Yes, keep your protein intake high and thrown in ZMA and TRIBULUS for night time to sustain your hormone levels.

June 18, 2013    question
Carlos   Age: 40

"... Can you combine yohimbe and this product?"


June 19, 2013
response by James


June 15, 2013    question
Arthur   Age: 58

"... Should I take Test 7 PCT twice a day?"


June 17, 2013
response by Nick

Why do you want change the directions? Makes no sense.

Stick to how this product was specifically designed to be used. Which means, take one capsule eacn morning with your breakfast.

Remember, taking more doesn't mean better results, in fact, it usually leads to side-effects.

June 10, 2013    question
Jay   Age: 39

"... Hey guys, I am taking Nugenix right now. My question is, is it OK to take Test 7 at the same time? Thanks."


June 11, 2013
response by Nick

NO. Why stack TWO testosterone boosters at the same time? It will NOT give you twice the results. You may actually burn out your receptors and have worse off results or side-effects.

Stick with one testosterone booster at a time.

If you are not happy with your results thus far, then you need to really focus on your training, nutrition and rest.

June 5, 2013    question
jason   Age: 36

"... I have a pretty tight schedule mon-fri because of work so I wake up at 4am and take c4 and drink double the water they recommend mainly because I am thirsty when I wake up then I rinse in the shower and am at the gym by 4:40am then I work out till about 6am and I have a amplified wheybolic extreme 60 right as I get home but I don't eat anything until 12pm so would that be a good time to take this since it's officially the first meal for me of the day but not necessarily the morning "


June 6, 2013
response by Mike

I would take it with your post-workout. The directions state in the morning, not first meal. So after your workout with your shake is fine. Also, the stretch between 6am and 12pm is too long to go without a meal, especially if you've trained. The post-workout shake is not enough.

Consider another shake 3 hours later or a light snack to bring with you.

May 30, 2013    question
Vim   Age: 55

"... Hi, what is this supplement / capsules used for?"


May 31, 2013
response by Nick

Why not scroll down and read the description?

May 26, 2013    question
Ed   Age: 65

"... Can I drink alcohol and take test 7-pct at the same time? "


May 29, 2013
response by George

With regards to negative side-effects, there are none if you drink alcohol. In terms of results, they will be far less if you drink, simple as that.

So I would suggest that unless it's one or two rare drinks, don't waste your time, money and effort with supplements if you're not going to take it seriously.

May 26, 2013    question
Juice   Age: 26

"... Would this supplement be good after a 4 week cycle of d-bol?"


May 29, 2013
response by Rick

It will help out as much as a natural testosterone booster can, but not as good as a prescription alternative if you are dealing with illegal anabolics such as D-Bol.

May 11, 2013    question
Danny   Age: 40

"... I just started using Test 7 GRP. I work nights. Do I take it as soon as I wake up?"


May 12, 2013
response by George

As long as it's consisten each day for the entire duration of the product.

May 4, 2013    question
Goochieman   Age: 23

"... Do I take Test 7 PCT and Carbon at the same time? I know dumb question, but can anyone help? "


May 6, 2013
response by Jones

I would follow the directions on each label and if they happen to overlap then that is fine.

May 2, 2013    question
Steve   Age: 57

"... Hey guys, can you tell me if I can take this product with Lovastatin which is a prescription based cholesterol medicine? Thanks."


May 3, 2013
response by June

Hard to tell as you will need actual medical advice in this case. Talk to your doctor.

April 26, 2013    question
Brett    Age: 23

"... I started taking test-7 and carbon stack few days ago my kidneys have been hurting I noticed this morning they felt fine when I woke up but about 20 min after I took the test-7 they started to hurt again and gets worse as day goes on I was wondering if this is something that goes away after a week or so or should I stop taking it I would really like to finish the cycle since I spent nearly $100 for it I don't want to waist it "


April 27, 2013
response by Jarod

This product just might not be for you. Always listen to your body and side (or kidney) pains is never a good thing. Remember, you are messing with your hormones (doesn't matter if it's natural or illegal) for quick temporary gains. Your body is put under a tremendous amount of stress either way.

Again, this is a rare reaction to Test-7, but if you really do have kidney pains then this might not be the right path for you.

April 23, 2013    question
Brad   Age: 19

"... I am 19 and was wanting to take both the test 7 pct and the carbon pill. Is it safe for someone my age to take these ?"


April 23, 2013
response by Jacob

What is the carbon pill? If it is another testosterone booster, then you are wasting your time - one is enough.

Instead, focus on this product, a good diet, a good training plan and grow.

April 22, 2013    question
Daniel w   Age: 33

"... Just going to finish a 2 Month cycle of A-Hd and rush!! Can i take the test 7 and carbón stack rite
After or do i have to wate a Month?????"


April 22, 2013
response by Mike

No, wait and give your receptors a chance to recover so you can get some benefit. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money. Be patient. Instead focus on good training and clean eating to keep your gains. It's not always about supplements.

April 16, 2013    question
Modou   Age: 45

"... When do you take this product"


April 16, 2013
response by Nick

Take it as is directed on the label, there is no other secret or better way to use it Modou. Take it each morning, everyday, after your breakfast. It doesn't matter when or if you train, it works the same.

March 26, 2013    question
RICH   Age: 44

"... Ok guys i started this supplement TEST 7 GRP HD Stack if i dont see results after 1st cycle should go with A-HD is it better forget the solid harding agent to much caffine looking for the dry and defined look open to comments just got done working out all pumped out like before i started this stuff ben on this for 3 days now"


March 27, 2013
response by Jason

If you don't see results then you training and / or diet were not good. Remember, it's a science and you have to get your nutrition and train properly to get the results you want.

AHD is also a good product, similar to TEST 7 PCT.

Just stick with your current stack and be sure to eat every 2-3 hours, and get in at least 1.5 grams of protein per 1.0 pound of body weight. Train 40 minutes max, don't chat in the gym.

March 24, 2013    question
RICH   Age: 44

"... How long before u start seeing results"


March 24, 2013
response by Jake

Impossible to give answer as there are far too many variables such as genetics, diet, training, rest, other supplements etc. Generally, by the time you get through one bottle you will see good results if you put 100% effort in to the other variables. Good luck.

March 23, 2013    question
RICH   Age: 44

"... I Have one more question i have a little bit of lean mass and a little cut i work out with medium to light weight lots of reps per set will this ad more mass and better cuts"


March 24, 2013
response by Peter

The number of reps really doesn't make any difference, it might slightly burn more fat due to the quicker pace. It's all about getting a good squeeze and full extension on each rep.

March 23, 2013    question
RICH   Age: 44

"... Im going to take this supplement if i take it in the morning will i still get the same benefits when i work out at 5:00 pm i work from 6am to 5pm"


March 24, 2013
response by George

This product is not a pre or post workout supplement. It makes no difference when in the day you take it, it will give you the SAME results. Follow the directions, train hard, eat well and enjoy the results.

March 18, 2013    question
Robert   Age: 28

"... I have been putting the use of this product on hold for awhile now until i did more research. The product i am talking about is "Test 7 & GRP-HD". People's comments and reviews say this product is not good and that it is weak. Some say try it and some say dont even waste your time. Anyway now i have decided i probably wont die if i try it.. I DID NOT go to the doctor to see if my testosterone is low. I am just going to use the product. So i opened the GRP and Test 7 to take the pill.. Then i realized i have never seen a pill like this before in my life. I squeezed the pill and it was like squeezing a Aquafina water bottle. Is this normal?!? It is not solid at all. I now feel like if i take these pills that i will just be swallowing plastic pills. I was under the impression that this would be a solid pill not a plastic pill that makes weird sounds like squeezing a water bottle. I am just making sure this is normal. IF you can maybe you can explain this? Just because i have never encountered a pill like this. Thank You."


March 19, 2013
response by George

The reason you hear mixed reviews and comments is because of MANY different factors such as genetics, eating habits, workout habits, rest habits, other supplementation. Most people put very little effort in to those critical factors, they simply take pill and wait, and complain.

No, you will not die if you use this natural supplement as directed.

Yes, they are liquid gel based capsules, actually quite normal and used often in the industry.

Give yourelf 100% to this process, stay focused and committed and you'll do fine. Best of luck.

March 10, 2013    question
Blaize   Age: 18

"... Well I Brought The BPI SPORTS LEAN, HARD AND SHREDDED STACK which is Test 7 and GRP-HD . The Guy At GNC also A VitaPak , Can I Take All Together ?"


March 11, 2013
response by James

Yes, adding a vitamin supplement to your TEST 7 and GRP-HD stack is a good combination. You should also consider a good whey isolate protein for post-workout and an intra branch chain amino drink such as Xtend during training.

Best of luck!

March 9, 2013    question
Kevin   Age: 30

"... Just picked up test 7 but wanted to check if I can continue to take male extra with it, male supplement? Was also wondering what the differences are between the test 7 and grp-hd that came with it?"


March 10, 2013
response by James

Is MALE EXTRA the libido enhancer? Since TEST-7 is a testosterone booster, I would say that you probably won't need the male extra anymore as it will do the job. Leave it out and see if TEST 7 is strong enough, otherwise throw it back in to the mix.

Test 7 is a natural testosterone booster and GRP-HD is a natural growth hormone booster. They can be stacked together to help you improve strength, muscle mass, energy, focus and libido - all safely and naturally.

February 22, 2013    question
Alex   Age: 21

"... I just started taking Test 7 PCT. I was wondering about the side effects. I'm following the directions, taking it at the same time every day. But I was wondering about acne, balding or the other sides that I've read about with other supplements. "


February 22, 2013
response by Gordon

Alex, with these over the counter, natural based testosterone booster you will be OK. Just follow the direction for daily use and length of cycle. Of course, there is a 0.01% of the population that are just extremely sensitive to a rise in hormone levels which may lead to greasy skin, acne, etc. If you see any of these side-effects coming (very rare) then either cut back the dosage or stop using the product.

Be sure to EAT and TRAIN with 100% commitment to make the best of this product.

February 20, 2013    question
John G   Age: 26

"... I started taking the combo of test 7 and grp-hd today, I took them both together on an empty stomach and will take them at 10 am every morning a half hour after I get up, the test 7 says to take on a full stomach, I normally don't eat till 1130, is it ok to take on empty stomach or is it strongly recommend to take after eat? "


February 21, 2013
response by Paul

Follow the directions for the best results, they refer to the empty or full stomach for a reason as the product works specifically with that combination.

I would take the GRP-HD right when you wake up at 9:30 (don't wait till 10, your hormone levels drop). Then have your breakfast at 11:30 and take the Test 7 with it.

If you spend the money in to these products take extra time to use them correctly.

Good luck!

February 20, 2013    question
Sean   Age: 20

"... Are there any side affects to talking this?"


February 20, 2013
response by George

Sean, short answer is NO. It's an approved, safe and legal natural testosterone booster. Follow the directions and you'll be fine.

The best way to ensure the best results however is to have your nutrition and exercise in top form and also a few other supplements that improve the results such as a protein, amino acid drink during training, basic creatine and glutamine, etc. This site has a good guide with that:

February 20, 2013    question
Aaron   Age: 26

"... I bought Test 7 and it came with GRP-HD from GNC and they also had me buy strength vitapak and calcium chewables. Do I take them all together. I'm mostly concerned about taking the Test 7 and GRP-HD together. Not sure if its safe or not. Help please, thank you."


February 20, 2013
response by Skeeter

Wow, these GNC guys are relentless with their upsales, remember they actually make a commission off every sale that is why they push so much.

Listen, take 2 minutes and read below. Your question regarding the combination of Test 7 with GRP-HD has been address several times.

If you follow the directions and the advice below, you'll be OK.

February 18, 2013    question
Kevin   Age: 25

"... Just started taking the supplement. I work graveyard 3 nights a week so my sleep schedule is inconsistent. Should I take the supplement at the same time each day or when I wake up even if its the middle of night? Also can you put on weight from muscle mass while taking?"


February 19, 2013
response by Nick

I would suggest same time of day each day, middle of the night is fine. Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress. - Nick

February 12, 2013    question
Robert   Age: 28

"... I was just curious.. I have the "Test 7 PCT" and it came with "GRP-HD"i understand you are supposed to take this every day at the same time. Well honestly i work a 5am on the weekdays and that is when i will be taking these in the morning. Well on Saturdays and Sundays i love to sleep in. Would this be an issue to take it later in the morning? After 10am? I would hate to set an alarm on my day off. Just curious on how people do this? Is their a chance of the product making you unhealthy if you miss certain mornings. Thank You."


February 14, 2013
response by Sammy

What I would do is on the weekends if you don't want to set an alarm then take them as soon as you wake up. 5 hours shouldn't be a huge problem.

Remember, when it comes to investing in supplements and your time in the gym you have to make sacrifices, so setting an alarm to take the pills and going back to bed for another 5 hours isn't too much to ask for is it?

The results always come with the amount of committment you put in.

February 11, 2013    question
Robert   Age: 28

"... I just went to GNC and bought this product "Test 7 PCT" and it came with "GRP-HD". Now Test 7 says to take on a full stomach in the morning while the GRP says to take on an empty stomach in the morning. How in the world am i supposed to do both? I was thinking of taking the GRP at nighttime before bed then waking up and eating breakfast then take my multi vitamin with the test 7. Will this work? I want to try this product but the directions both say to take in the morning while one says with food and the other says no food. Help please. again, Is it okay to take the GRP at nighttime then wake up and take the test 7 with food? "


February 11, 2013
response by Nick

Hi Robert, the solution is very simply. Just as the product describe take the GRP-HD right when you wake up (on an empty stomach). Have your breakfast and then take the Test 7 PCT. Very simple, use this formula as the products are designed to work best in the morning rather than night time.

Best of luck and update us on your results.


February 11, 2013
response by Robert

Nick thank you very much on the fast response. The solution you gave me (under this post) sounds great. I was under the impression though that if i would of taken the GRP-HD on an empty stomach that it would not be a good idea to eat breakfast right after that and then take the test 7. I was thinking maybe their should be a waiting period before taking the test 7 considering it requires food while the GRP does not..? Your answer is basically really simple yes but would it be smart to take the GRP as soon as i wake up then wait 10min eat breakfast and then take the test 7? I am not one of those individuals that wake up hours before work i usually have 45min to eat and leave. This is my concern. Thank You.


February 11, 2013
response by Nick

No extra waiting period is required. Take the GRP-HD, cook / prepare your breakfast and eat it which should take 15-20 minutes aprox. and then take the TEST 7 PCT. If you eat closer than 20 minutes after taking the GRP-HD on an empty stomach, take a banana or apple with you to work and take the TEST 7 PCT then. It's not really that complicated, meaning the products will work just fine if they are close to each other. Give this a shot, train hard, eat correctly and get the results you want.


February 11, 2013
response by Brian

I also am using test 7&grp-hd,Gnc told me to take both at night for best results.


February 12, 2013
response by Robert

They told you to take the product at night? Everyone else using this product says it is better to take it as directed which is in the morning. How frustrating..

February 10, 2013    question
Matt   Age: 27

"... Can I stack this test 7 pct with grp hd? When I bought it at gnc it was sold together and the seller told me to take them both at the same time. What should I do?"


February 11, 2013
response by Hank

I think it's might be too much but you can try and see what happens. It's only worthwhile if you put 110% in to your DIET and EXERCISE programs.


February 11, 2013
response by Matt

Y do you think it might be too much? Overkill and too much testosterone?...when you say try it and see what happens do you mean check and see if there are any results after two-three weeks?
If I do decide to split them up should I take test 7 the first four weeks and the grp the second four weeks to complete an eight week cycle?
Thank you very much


February 11, 2013
response by Hank

Yes, when I say too much I mean too much testosterone / hormone boosting at once when it is not needed. Remember, more does not always equal better results as your body can only take advantage of certain limits before you start wasting your time, money and burn out your receptors.

You can try and see if the combination works for you, that is the only way to know as everyone reacts different and aspects such as diet, training and rest along with other supplements plays a role. If you do stack them, do so for 4 weeks before making a judgement.

If I was to give you advice, I would run the TEST 7 for 6-10 weeks straight followed by a 4-6 week break. During the break keep training hard, eating properly and at most use some ZMA and TRIBULUS at night time to keep your levels stable. Then after this rest period run the GRP protocol for 6-10 weeks.

This way you'll have a goood handle of what works better, and if you do decide to run a cycle where you stack them then you can compare if the results were better than running them by themselves.

This site also has a great list of other products that will help you with your gains for pre-post-intra supplements.

Good luck and keep us posted on your results.


May 15, 2014
response by tom

When I purchased the Test7 GRP-HD stacker at GNC, I was instructed by the rep to specifically take the Test7 with breakfast (on a full stomach) and the GRP-HD right before bedtime (on an empty stomach). Will this regime provide optimum results?

February 9, 2013    question
Steve   Age: 32

"... I plan on taking this supplement mainly for libido and harder erections... Will I experience harder and long lasting erections?"


February 10, 2013
response by Nick

Increasing your natural testosterone levels will always have a positive effect on your libido. The extent of the effects depends on your genetics, etc. Have to try to see.

February 8, 2013    question
Jason   Age: 35

"... Can test 7 pct cause a positive on a urine test. "


February 10, 2013
response by Roger

Positive for what? You need to be specific Jason. If you are referring to illegal substances then NO as this is a natural testosterone booster. If they search for higher testosterone levels then yes they will be higher, but for natural reasons.

February 6, 2013    question
TJ   Age: 23

"... can i use growth factor-9 with this product?"


February 8, 2013
response by Simon

I think that is overkill. If you want an answer, yes you can but I would rather split them up in to two different cycles. Remember, more doesn't always mean better results as your body and receptors can only take so much.

Instead, put more effort in to your training and nutrition to get superior results.

February 3, 2013    question
Jan   Age: 26

"... Would it be a problem if I took this around lunch time instead of the morning? I don't eat breakfast due to my schedule (in the military). Thanks."


February 4, 2013
response by Drake

Well it will still work, just be sure to take it the SAME time each day. The reasoning behind the morning is because of your hormone levels and how your body responds right upon waking. You can always try taking it on an empty stomach if that works, there should be any issues.

February 2, 2013    question
Jake   Age: 40

"... I took one capsule test 7 last night for the first time then one test 7 and one carbon this morning after breakfast. would it be safe to continue NO explode with morning dose before my workout? "


February 2, 2013
response by Pauk

First of all, TEST 7 is to be taken as directed, which is once every morning with your breakfast, not at night as you did. With regards to using a pre-workout powder such as NO XPLODE, the answer is yes as one is a testosterone booster and the other is a pre-workout stimulant.

Remember to train hard, eat well and get your 8 hours sleep per night.

January 22, 2013    question
Jr.   Age: 20

"... Can I get kidney stones from using this product? Thanks."


January 23, 2013
response by Rocky

No, I highly doubt that. If you are terribly concerned about using this natural testosterone booster, then by all means go see your doctor to get a full check and green light to go ahead with it - but generally speaking if you follow the directions, eat and train right, you will make excellent gains.

January 14, 2013    question
Kevin   Age: 24

"... Can you use this product just to help with muscle mass and recovery. I'm not intending to go through a cycle? Just want to use it like a supplement is that ok? "


January 16, 2013
response by Nick

Yes, this product will lower estrogen and therefore cause your body to naturally boost your testosterone levels. This will lead to an increase in lean muscle mass, recovery and energy levels.


February 7, 2013
response by Yg

Can test 7 make u grow a beard or facial hair??

January 9, 2013    question
Wife   Age: 45

"... I brought his for my husband who is 46, with all the characteristics of Low Testosterone, I don't care about the muscle, anyone taking to fight aging?"


January 10, 2013
response by Ken

Yes, this will help you by raising your natural testosterone levels as by the age 46 have diminished quite a bit. He'll experience better energy, mood, libido, strength, etc.

December 31, 2012    review
Jim   Age: 51

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I will be starting to use the Test 7 PCT stacked with Carbon tomorrow 1-1-13. I bought them as a set and I will be giving my honest opinion about the product each week until the month of Jan is over."

December 27, 2012    question
Alex   Age: 24

"... Hi all, can you advise me whether I should take Test 7 PCT with carbon X, or should I take Test 7 PCT first and only?"


December 29, 2012
response by Ken

Don't worry about taking them at the same time, simply follow the directions and you'll be ok. It's a good combination and you'll have some good results. Be sure to also use a protein supplement to keep your daily intake high.

December 17, 2012    question
john   Age: 52

"... Really looking to this for energy and libido boost, not muscle so much...need insight to side effects and/or how long to take safely. Thanks."


December 18, 2012
response by Carl

This will help boost natural testosterone levels and reduce estrogen - so you will have a leaner, harder more toner physique. Take as directed, no secret other methods.

November 25, 2012    question
Adam   Age: 20

"... would stacking Test7, compound 20, grp-hd and six star test booster be a good idea?


November 29, 2012
response by Gene

No, oiverkill especially at the age of 20. Your natural test levels are through the roof right now so why would you want to shut that down?

Pick ONE testosterone booster if you must and instead invest in a high quality protein shake, creatine, glutamine and amino acid products.

October 7, 2012    question
FER   Age: 30

"... Can I use this product in the mornings and do my workouts in the night?"


October 15, 2012
response by Paul

Yes, the key is to take it at the same time each day. It doesn't have to be around your workouts, that makes no difference. Even on rest day (non-training days) take it.

August 26, 2012    review
Jonathon   Age: 26

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... took first dose of each on full stomach as stated and worked out 3 hrs later... i noticed something the first dose, although im curious as to whats REALLY in Test 7 PCT.. im also taking CARBON with it- 1 pill a day of each. ive been searching the net trying to dig up reviews on the stuff and so far it seems the stuffs legit.. but whats REALLY IN the Proprietary blend?? i could feel a change in my hormones after just the first dose and workout.. ill be posting"

August 25, 2012    question
Julian S.   Age: 22

"... Do you have to run it as a PCT or can you simply just take it to boost test? "


August 26, 2012
response by Henry

You can run it as a natural testosterone booster or PCT, both are good options.


April 22, 2014
response by j

what about using it along with another pct product?

August 12, 2012    review
rome   Age: 41

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been on about a week,I've noticed that I can do as many reps on certain exercises w/o taking a preworkout supplement."

June 30, 2012    question
Brad   Age: 30

"... How does this compare to A-HD and SOLID?"


June 30, 2012
response by Paul

It's actually form the same parent company, they just made a different brand. So BPi Sports and Image Sports is the same thing kinda.

Test 7 is comparable to their A50/AHD products.

June 28, 2012    question
aaron   Age: 28

"... Is it better to take test 7 at night before bed or in the am with breakfast? "


June 30, 2012
response by Simon

Follow the directions. Take one capsule each morning on a full stomach, so after breakfast.

June 26, 2012    question
Mike   Age: 54

"... Can you use it with androgel"


June 27, 2012
response by Jack

This product is meant to be used POST androgel, not during.


June 27, 2012
response by Mike

if you are on androgel all the time do just not use this test 7 at all?

May 22, 2012    question
corey   Age: 42

"... i have just began using test 7... i am trying to do cardio to lose a little wieght and wieght training to regain my muscle mass. will this make me gain wieght or bloat?"


May 24, 2012
response by Heathe

This will help boost your natural testosterone levels and reduce estrogen. So you will improve recovery, strength and new lean muscle while dropping water weight.

May 3, 2012    question
Joe B   Age: 61

"... I have been using the product for 6 weeks. My muscle tone has increased nicely. Why do you reccdomend stopping this supplement after an 8 week period? When can I begin using the product after the layoff? "


May 3, 2012
response by Joe

Because your body (receptors) get used to it and the results are not as good. Besides, putting your body under constant stress from the ingredients is not healthy and can cause side effects.

I would take as much time you were on for the off period. Then repeat if you choose to.


February 11, 2013
response by Brian

Gnc told me to take for 8weeks,and off for 4weeks,if you take longer it make your body slow down your own test.

April 15, 2012    question
Scott   Age: 29

"... I only have one kidney since a birth defect. This supplement was said to be natural. Is this safe for me to take? I've had one kidney my whole life (not a recent event)."


April 16, 2012
response by Shae

I would talk to a doctor or professional first - don't take advice from random internet people. Or better yet, call the actual company up for safe advice.

April 3, 2012    question
Joe   Age: 43

"... I have high blood pressure that I control with prescription medication (Losartan). I also have been diagnosed with atrial fibrilation but haven't had an episode in over a year. Will Test7 cause me any adverse affects?"


April 4, 2012
response by Jacob

Since test 7 raises your testosterone levels which always come hand in hand with an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol it might be too much of a risk since you have these pre-existing conditions. The increase is temporary, but still might not be the best idea. Talk to your physician or check your BP daily to be sure if you go ahead.

March 21, 2012    review
Cameron   Age: 35

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Work very well for me. I have used a few other natural test boosters / estrogen blockers in the past with the former Novedex XT from Gaspari being the strongest but this one comes really close - might be the same strength. I use it primarily to help me tone and add some strength and size on. After this 8 week cycle I will use it again mid summer. No complaints, no sides."

March 15, 2012    question
tony   Age: 50

"... i have had problems with my Cholesterol in past years is now down to acceptable levels. Will this elevate or mess with cholesterol "


March 15, 2012
response by Regan

Most natural testosterone boosters or estrogen blockers (same thing) usually spike cholesterol level temporarily.

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Image Sports brings us their latest in enhancement supplements with their Test 7 PCT formula, and we're here at fitFLEX sharing all the details thus far! Improving your testosterone levels has many benefits especially for males that are 35 years of age and beyond. With time these levels drop significantly to un-natural levels and side-effects are quite severs. Loss of libido, muscle mass, strength, energy and overall wellbeing. With Test 7, you are now able to naturally and safely optimize these levels to where they should be so you can go on living as you were meant to be. Test 7 is controls estrogen and estrogen rebounds which is responsible for fat gains and water retention in men, amongst other unwanted effects. Test 7 is also an excellent choice for your PCT, or post cycle therapy protocol. If you have been increasing your levels beyond normal ranges you will need to come back down and restore regular levels safely. With Test 7 this is now possible. Get started in the gym with results you can actually see from week to week, add Test 7 to your daily morning routine!

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