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November 12, 2014    question
Anthony   Age: 18

"... how healthy is tropinex for me? being 18? test booster i know you always hear will cause you to break out with acne, will this growth hormone have the same effect?"


November 14, 2014
response by jr

being 18 i cant say for sure

December 10, 2013    question
Jason   Age: 39

"... Will this product make you heal faster? I am a quarter back and I throw about 150 balls on Saturday and wait a weak to heal."


December 24, 2013
response by Sean

Yes. Any raise in your testosterone levels will help with recovery.

June 18, 2013    review
Jim   Age: 55

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Its tough being an old guy trying to stay in the game so I did some research and it all tells me I have to do supplements. I started with one bottle and did not notice much, then it hit me after about three days. I am a runner, cyclist and I lift just to maintain a lean body. With anything you sort of take it for granted. I ran out, and did not renew, tried something else and put it aside. Started feeling a little weak and could not figure out what was going on, then it hit me. I bought another bottle and I am back on it. It is good stuff and works for me. I finished 3rd in my age group at a recent run, my legs were strong during a death ride (cycling) finishing strong and with the young guys. Lifting, again can do much more. The only drawback is that you have to workout, run or something to feel the effects of it. It helps with workouts and activities best."

June 18, 2013    review
Ms.Mary   Age: 54

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I've been taking this for three days and I feel way more energetic. Skeptical at first, I'm a mother of triplet boys and a daughter, no time to work out right now, but I feel great! My skin looks amazing! I am not overweight, but can tell I've dropped some body fat around my tummy, my muscles feel stronger and I'm not exhausted by the end of the day. It's expensive, but I'm happy so far."

April 10, 2013    question
Mark   Age: 20

"... The product says take one in the morning on empty stomach. However I don't work out till around 7 pm, so I feel it would be out of my system by time I work out. Do u think I should continue to take it in the morning or take it like an hour before I work out???? , like other supps "


April 11, 2013
response by Peter

When you work out doesn't effect this product. It's not a pre or post workout supplement. It's meant to be taken first thing in the morning due to your hormonal levels. Be sure to take it the same time each day to keep your levels stable.

January 30, 2013    question
manu   Age: 26

"... does tropinex aq help to grow taller?"


January 31, 2013
response by Shane

No, it is impossible to grow taller from supplements or any type of prescriptions for doctors. It is a myth. Your eventual height is per-determined based on your genetics.

January 8, 2013    review
qandi   Age: 50

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Yes more energy. Leaner muscle. Side effects leg cramps at night. This is my third bottle

September 14, 2012    question
Jacob   Age: 19

"... I read about Tropinex in my MF magazine and was wondering if there is a certain age group Tropinex would work best for.. Would a fully developed body see better results
than a body of a person my age..?"


September 20, 2012
response by Drew

At 19 you would benefit from using it. It will help you gain more lean muscle mass, strength and at the same time shed some fat.

August 3, 2012    question
Donny   Age: 38

"... Is this product sold in Australia ?"


August 9, 2012
response by Joey

No, it has to be shipped in. This site offers many different variations that are equal if not better that ship there so browse around.

June 19, 2012    question
jose.   Age: 47

"... i been taking tropinex for one week only, and i noticed that it make me feel like i going to fall sleep, is this normal?"


June 19, 2012
response by Paul

Yes, Growth Hormone will do that. Even thought the sleep effect should be minimal with this product.

May 29, 2012    review
Brock Emery   Age: 20

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Took tropinex aq when it first came in to my store, there were no review and or anything! It blew my mind!! My skin looked healthier, my strength shot threw the roof and I was having very dry lean gains! Love tropinex!!!!!!!!"

April 10, 2012    review
john   Age: 55

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... this is an update on my first review this stuff is great I have made very nice gains already in strength and stamina I am very happy with it I just purchased another bottle yesterday I like to have plenty in reserve anyway I don't know if someone younger than me would feel the same dramatic gains I have I am almost 56 and in pretty good shape already but this is stuff is letting me do my normal hour workout 15 minutes faster, easier with increased weight and better form it's all good it is definetly worth a shot i know it sounds crazy but I feel younge take care john"

April 6, 2012    review
john   Age: 55

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i have only been taking it now for three days but wow jesus I am feeling it it's scary how much stronger I am feeling I will update this in a week or so. I am in pretty good shape already for an old man but I am trying to get a well defined six pack and lose that last stubborn few pounds that is what I hope this stuff does but I am already a little freaked by the sudden increase in strengh I don't want any more uppper body so now I have a problem I must increase my weights to fatigue my muscles and that is going to make me grow larger I don't want to look like a gym rat anyway I will let you know update this in a week "

March 28, 2012    review
steve   Age: 24

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... just started it today only 30 a 30 day supply for like 60 which is pricey but they marketed it right sounds promising but ill let u kn ow"

March 7, 2012    question
bart phillips   Age: 29

"... My question is what r the side effects. Of the product. An also what age should u start taking this product. Tyank you for your time an patients.


Barclay T. Phillips III "


March 9, 2012
response by Todd

This product is brand new so hard to see about side-effects. However, being a natural growth hormone stimulant, there should only be positive effects that growth hormone provides. From the information we have, sounds like a very promising product.


October 3, 2012
response by Solomon

Been using this product for three weeks now, I have not noticed any muscle gains but have noticed a reduction in fat round my stomach area and increase energy.

February 20, 2012    question
George   Age: 46

"... I am really excited to try this one out, does anybody know how it compares to the other gh boosters on the supplement market?"


February 20, 2012
response by Hank

I'd like to know as well.. this is one product I will be trying out this year no doubt.


February 25, 2012
response by Pete

Hey guys, great site! I want to try tropinexAQ as soon as possible as well. One of the few products that have actually grabbed my interest in the past few years. Any news?

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Image Sports - Tropinex AQ

Superior results in the gym require advanced supplements such as this latest one!

Image Sports has created a brand new growth hormone product called Tropinex AQ for the market and fitFLEX is here first to let you know all about it and let you share your experience or questions! Tropinex AQ has been specifically designed to target your pituitary growth pathways. Maximizing your growth factor secretion through carefully selected releasing agents. If you're looking to increase your lean muscle mass, reduce your body fat levels and improve your strength gains in a safe and effective manner then Tropinex AQ is your weapon of choice. There are also proven anti-aging and skin improvements effects that many can stand to benefit from with daily use as directed. Maximize your anabolism with this new product and truly transform and improve your overall health and physique. IGF-1 is a key factor to the success of Tropinex AQ.

Growth Factor Releasing Peptide for New Muscle & Strength!

Take 1 Tablet each Morning on an Empty Stomach - Daily.

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