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December 15, 2012    review
Cameron   Age: 18

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Excellent pre-training drink, very tasty and doesn't leave me gasy. Good pumps and really good focus during even long sessions that go over 2 hours for me. Finding it a great new boost to keep the progress in the right direction. I will run it again."

October 19, 2012    review
Paul   Age: 31

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... What's up guys. Using the lemonade flavor and almost done the container. Got in on sale with the link above. First time using a product that carries d-aspartic acid and to be quite honest I am more than impressed. I take the serving on training as well as non-training days as directed. The main benefits I am seeing is as a pre-workout it really gives me good focus, energy and drive to push hard - similar to Craze. But where I think it's better is that I am actually growing bigger and stronger while staying lean. I know most of the products out today claim to be anabolic blah blah, but looking in the mirror and handling the heavier weights I know it's actually working. 9/10"

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Infinite Labs - Dagger

A Perfect Blend of Ingredients to Combine the Popular Supplements of Today in to One Product!

Infinite Labs supplements always deliver the top of the line ingredients to create the elite products you have come to know and their latest release, Dagger, fits their quality and effectiveness profile perfectly! With so many advancements in the world of sports nutrition a few categories have become quite dominant. They include muscle building through testosterone improvement in males, fat loss through increase metabolism and energy production and pre-workout drive with incredible blood flow which produces skin tearing pumps and truly motivates one to push harder. Well this currently all requires at least three different products with different delivery methods, timing during the day making it very confusing and expensive. Well Infinite has finally put all the parts together in to one amazing formula. This advanced level anabolic optimizer will transform your physique with all the right tools the right way.

The Perfect Solution for Pre-Workout Energy and Nutrient Delivery

Proven to Increase your Anabolic Testosterone Levels Naturally

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