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October 4, 2013    review
Sean   Age: 34

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Ok, so I have just finished up my first bottle, 30 days worth. I weigh 190lbs and used 1 scoop before and after my training. I mixed the first with my pre-workout and the second with my whey isolate shake. It took about 10 days to really notice anything but then it was like wow. Recovery improved dramatically, I mean barely sore. And to give you an example, after leg days I can't usually walk properly for 2-3 days, with this it was still a little tight but like 90 percent better. I really appreciate this because I can get in the gym the next day mentally and physically prepared and I don't have to worry about over-training.

With regards to gains.. well I gained strength in all lifts, I look fuller and denser and weight is up about 4lbs but I go off the mirror so I don't worry about that.

Overall, excellent and I will continue to use it. I have read that doubling the tripling the dose has awesome effects so I will give that a go for the next run.

Only negative is the price and that it gets really messy to scoop out. So I suggest a cheaper price and perhaps a pill format."

August 20, 2013    review
Jake    Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I was lucky enough to be one of the beta testers for this product back in march. I am an avid martial arts practitioner and a title holding Muay Thai fighter. After using Bio-Gro for a short time i began to notice a reduction in my recovery time and my muscles were less sore after intense training sessions. I also notice an increase in my strength, size, and power. This stuff works! "

June 5, 2013    review
LP   Age: 33

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am using Bio-Grow currently and was also a beta tester. I am extremely pleased with the product in helping with faster recovery time and increased strength! I have noticed a significant decrease in muscle soreness between workouts since using Bio-Grow."

May 8, 2013    review
TDiTirro   Age: 37

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Being a pilot, and on the road for a living, I always try to make the most of my time. I also make time to workout and eat right in such a demanding career. Since I have started using Bio-Gro, I've noticed that my recovery time has gone down considerably. This has meant that I know I can keep on schedule with regards to my workouts and not worry so much about being able to recover in time. Although I try to keep a consistent schedule, it's the nature of my work to work nights and days, and sometimes very long days or nights (18+hrs). Not being in an optimal muscle growing environment, Bio-Gro has helped me, and continues to help me, give my body the best advantage it can have given my demanding lifestyle/career. I would certainly recommend it (Bio-Gro) to anyone looking to put their bodies in a position to be efficient and optimal, whether the goal be to gain muscle, or just maintain it while trying to lean up! "

May 8, 2013    review
Buckendahl   Age: 39

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I’ve taken Bio-Gro for a little over a month. The biggest change I noticed is that I’m building mass in my chest and arms. I take it 3 to 5 times a day (one scoop each time) and take protein powder twice daily. I’m pretty happy with the results so far and am looking forward to seeing more of what this product can do."

May 6, 2013    review
Joel Griffin   Age: 29

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Ok, lets get serious about supps. . I am a 29-year-old male, and have been an extreme athlete all of my life. I ran track competitively and made it to the USA Olympic national team and my highest level. Since retiring from running track, I have taken on the sport of bodybuilding. I'm currently six-foot tall, and with the help of Bio- Gro I am 6.0% body fat, and 245 pounds. This is absolutely the best supplement I have ever taken!! I was an early beta tester and since day one have not been able to put it down. I have had amazing strength gains, and my endurance has gone through the roof! It would honestly be depressing to have to go through a training session without having used Bio-Gro. I mix it in with protein shakes, branched-chain amino acids, pre-and post workouts, and cannot get enough… The more you take the better it works! I even like to scoop it directly into my mouth, and let it dissolve under my tongue. There is not really a taste to it, so it is easy to consume with any thing. With Bio-Gro, I am able to take full advantage of all the food I consume which is very important to me as my biggest difficulty is consuming enough food truck the course of the day. In a matter of eight weeks, I changed my body from 9% body fat at 232 pounds, to a lean 245 pounds, 6%! This product has my full support, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow in size, strength & stamina!! If you are serious about training, I promise you that you can't go wrong with this supp! "

May 6, 2013    review
david   Age: 44

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have been using Bio-Gro for several weeks (before it was officially launched). I've noticed solid muscle and strength gains. When I first started using it, I noticed within the first few workouts that I had less post exercise soreness and quicker recovery. While the immediate effects are hardly noticeable, if you stick with it, you will be very glad you did. Nothing has given me gains like this in as short as time and I have been training fo more than 20 years! I use 2 big scoops post exercise and combine it with Restoraid (iSatori's killer recovery matrix). I am not a heavy protein user but when I take the my proteim, I add the Bio-Gro there as well. It seems to ignite eveyrthing and make my protein usage more efficient. I have added considerable size and strength in just a few weeks. It is a must use product - and lives up to every claim that has been made."

May 6, 2013    review
Bart B   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I'm up 3lb on the scale and actually looking a bit leaner in 2 weeks.. I love this stuff. I don't "feel" anything but I'm hitting pr's and gaining good weight! I take 2 scoops a day, sometimes 3. Give it a try!"

May 6, 2013    review
Nic   Age: 30

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have struggled with gaining mass, muscle my whole life. Very active and healthy lifestyle with gym worked in daily... but never been able to actually grow to a bigger size. That is until now... Been taking Bio Gro for over a month now and have seen amazing results... very cut, lean muscle that I have never seen before. Couldn't be happier."

May 6, 2013    review
Shari   Age: 49

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I can honestly say that Bio-Gro has become my new favorite must have product!!! I cannot believe the results I have achieved in such a short period of time with this product that I have not achieved with most of the muscle gaining products on the market!!! I am seeing muscle gains and definition in areas I have been struggling with for years!!

As a woman in her late 40's, I have been doing everything I can to prevent muscle loss that comes with aging, and Bio-Gro is definitely the solution to not only help prevent muscle loss, but give me the gains I have so desperately been trying to achieve!!!

I HIGHLY recommend this product to not just men, but women as well who are looking to reshape their bodies and gain lean muscle!! This product is also perfect for the person who struggles with putting on muscle.

At age 49, muscle is sexy and Bio-Gro is is helping me keep my sexy on!

May 6, 2013    review
Troupen   Age: 30

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I was a beta tester for Bio-Gro and used it back at the start of April. I am a Mens Physique competitor and used it while starting my prep for the show season. I notice significant changes in lean body mass while using it. I was using 4 scoops per day while on it. I would use 2 scoops with RESTORAID post workout and 2 scoops later in the day with food or a shake. I never had any issues with mixing and it never changed the way my food or drinks tasted. "

May 6, 2013    review
NGallagher   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Using this now and i gotta say its one of a kind. I have been breaking so many PRs in the gym and my recovery time is so quick. I dosed at 4 scoops a day and i feel that was just the right amount for me. If you follow the dosing charts you will be able to figure out your sweet spot. Lean muscle was acquired while my weight stayed the same. This is really a product to be considered for anyone. Does not mix with water but will mix with basically anything else. I mixed with my intra drink and protein shakes.. easiest for me. Will be buying more when i run out of this tub. A great addition"

May 6, 2013    review
Harry   Age: 36

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I train for powerlifting and have been using Bio-Gro along with other iSatori products to slowly drop weight to compete in a lower weight class, and drop some fat just for general health. I am about 3 weeks into my run with Bio-Gro and I couldn’t be happier. I have been experiencing fuller, harder muscles and my strength has actually been increasing on a cut. I have dropped about 6lbs in the last 3 weeks and have set several PRs! ISatori has hit a home run with this one!"

May 4, 2013    review
Kevin Donovan   Age: 57

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am pretty much a skeptic about all new products. I have tried lots of products over the years that have turned out to be junk. I spoke to the iSatori reps at the Colorado NPC Championships in Golden and was convinced enough to order some Bio-Grow. I do not lift heavy but after 2 weeks I picked up the weight I usually lift and found it to be too light. I am up around 20% to 30 % on everything I have been doing with the same number of reps and started adding additional exercises. I train or do some kind of outdoor activity every day of the week. I have been recovering faster and don’t feel off the day after some hard training. The only thing I can really attribute to is the Bio-Grow.

I take 2 scoops twice a day with a small protein shake. I keep a tub at work and at home.

Stats: age 57, 5’9” 170 lbs., 12% body fat (measured on Withings Scale)

May 3, 2013    review
cpt   Age: 40

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've definitely seen stregnth and lean muscle gains using Bio-Gro. I've mainly been doing Crossfit/powerlifting like squat, clean, and deadlift and have been doing a lot of rowing. I've added significantly to all of my lifts while cutting weight with a lot of cardio - normally I struggle to make strength gains while cutting calories and focusing on cardio but so far so good. Excellent product!"

May 3, 2013    review
David   Age: 35

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I'm a 35 yr old Dad of two boys. I'm a former college hockey player and still workout four to five days a week. I take, and have taken hundreds of different supplements in my life, and have spent thousands on products that turned out to be all hype, or were just loaded with stimulants.
I got to try this product as a beta-tester before it was offically released, because I knew a guy who knew a guy, and all I can say is, where can get more!
I honestly didn't notice much from it in the first couple weeks, but after about a month... I was hooked. The results simply speak for themselves. I've been taking it now for about nine weeks, and my strength has gone through the roof, my endurance is up, and I've gained five pounds of lean mass.
If you're thinking about giving Bio-Gro a try, stop thinking about it and buy some. It's true that it doesn't mix (literally at all) with water, but I put mine in iSatori's post-workout amino drink, "Restoraid", and it dissolves perfectly. These two products, along with some creatine, will be the foundation of my supplement plan for the rest of my life. You won't be sorry."

May 3, 2013    review
Artie   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... It’s hard to stay consistent with a product that you do not “feel” right off the bat. This was the case with Bio-Gro, I was skeptical with the use of it at first as I begin my use of it. Coming from a very athletic back ground, I am always looking for that extra edge to allow me, naturally, to get bigger, stronger and faster. I have used many products over the years. So as my time went on with the use of Bio-Gro I started to notice, I was lifting more weight, reps became easier, and I was getting back onto the field and in the gym at a faster rate!! Which in my eyes is the best possible outcome. In the month that I used Bio-Gro, I put on 6lbs of muscle, and I feel stronger, quicker and faster on the field, which is awesome!! It also allows me to utilize more of the nutrients from the protein I consume, which is great, because losing out on much needed protein is not good. Bio-Gro helps kick start my body’s natural protein synthesis to get into gear at a stronger and higher rate than normal. Which is great, because this allows me to build, recover and get going at a high rate!! I definitely recommend Bio-Gro to any athlete out there and anyone who hits the gym on a regular basis!! This will definitely help you in reaching your goals and setting new ones!"

April 26, 2013    review
Daniel Smith 0167   Age: 39

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i have been using this bio-gro as a beta-tester. i was selected online in a contest. i have to say i was a bit skeptical, becuase everyone says their product is "the best". I liked the company behind bio-gro didn't come out and say you "gain 25 lbs of rock hard muscle". that's a lie,a nd we know it. They said, take bio-gro, much like you would food, or protein, continuous and you would experience bertter recovery after workouts, improved strength and solid muscle gains, after 8 weeks of use. Well, i did. my LBM went up 5.0 lbs, and my BF went down 3%; this may not seem significant, but it is, especially when yo consider that i've tried every so-called muscle builder out there, and nothing has done this for me. I did use more than the label said, and took it three times a day, so i went through it faster. and, like they say, it doesn't mix well with plain water, but it does mix well with your shakes, oatmeal, and in my amino drink while i was working out. I followed their "hypwer growth" training program and ate decent (not perfect. lol) I did additional research on this bio-gro bioactive peptides and was impressed with the science. I must say, in all fairness, this product is the real deal! I would reco to anyone interested in gaining quality muscle. thanks for listening to my comments1 "

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iSatori - BIO-GRO

Experience the Biggest Breakthrough in Muscle-Building Technology Available Today!

iSatori has been working behind the scenes for some time now creating their latest breakthrough, Bio-Gro! This highly advanced new protein is composed of bio-active peptides with their Bio-Pro formulation. With the use of these superior protein peptides, you will be able to trigger your body in to faster and more efficient muscle recovery. This means that the muscle tissue will rebuild bigger and stronger providing you with much faster results then you are accustomed with standard proteins available today. iSatori is really confident that this will be the new generation of protein supplements that will be as significant as the discovery of creatine. We'll find out much more once we get the full list of ingredients. In the meanwhile, be sure to post your question, answers and reviews to help spread the word about this exciting new release.

Dramatically Enhance your Rate of Muscle Growth & Recovery!

The Next Generation of Protein Supplementation for Athletes

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