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January 10, 2012    review
Augustine Bustos   Age: 34

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... OH MY GOD. I am done with coffee and switching to this stuff, it's awesome. I took it before playing basketball and I was a beast. I noticed that quick twitch muscles are improved, and overall boldness and awareness on the court. I can't even imagine what lifting weights on this shit is like, my guess is I'll plow through my workout double speed, less recovery time, less time wasted and milling around and hiding from the burn. Levrone is a beast. The flavor is better than the original product when it first came out. I got Watermelon, sweet with a slight bitter sting. It's got a lot of dimethylene and caffeine plus other stuff and it's all on the label. I'm going to take two scoop and see if I can handle it. I used to take three scoops of Jack3d and Levroshock is already better, speedier and smoother tho I was a little tired when I came down about four hours later."

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Levrone Formula - Levro Shock - Energy

Experience Hardcore Energy like Nothing Before with LevroShock - Levrone Formula Delivers!

Levrone Formula has taken another big steps in the supplement world with their Levro Shock formula! If you are aware of the original pre workout formula from this brand, you'll be familiar with the great energy and focus you experience with your workouts, well with the all new Levro Shock you can take that energy and intensity to the ultimate level and smash every workout like it was your last. As with all Levrone products, there are no hidden or secret ingredients - everything is laid out so you know exactly what you are getting with every product. As you know, to get the most out of every workout - whether you are working on losing fat or packing on some serious muscle - you need to give it your full effort each time. Well with Levro Shock you can be sure that you will and make the gains that you work so hard for. Give Levro Shock a try today and share your results with us at fitFLEX!

True - Pure - Hardcore - Energy

Get 110% Cranked Up for Each & Every Single Workout Baby!

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