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Men are becoming more obsessed with their body image-especially young men. They want to obtain the body of male models like those appearing on billboards with washboard abs.

Square pecs, and big, curving shoulders. Its called getting "the Look," and they want it because they believe its what women desire in men. So they diet, exercise and supplement their way to a better body. That's all well and fine, but the problem starts when they become obsessive about exercise, resort to starvation diets, and start using black market anabolic steroids.

In the end, they pay a price for abusing and damaging themselves in pursuit of a perfect body. The truth is that men don't have to literally kill themselves to have a body to die for. Women do like men who are lean, muscular and look athletic-but they don't like the massive steroid look. Therefore, with moderate workouts and the use of natural alternatives, like dietary supplements, one can obtain "The Look" without doing bodily harm.

There are many supplements on the market that can help crank up the body's thermogenic response and help burn fat during exercise; as well as muscle-building supplements to improve muscle mass. Men who are interested in looking their best should read responsible health magazines that promote natural alternatives to getting muscular and "cut" by use of proper exercise technique and dietary supplementation. Looking your best starts with being healthy, and doing anything to the contrary comes with a high price

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