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Memory Concentration Supplements

Supplementation is an Incredible Aid in our Lives

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Sometimes we come across basic questions that might be a little off the topic of bodybuilding, but we thought many would find it beneficial. Many athletes have this specific problem which is more mental than physical. It occurs during an activity such as a daily job or school schedule that is very intensive and mentally demanding. The tests and stress can become a killer! People find themselves drifting during tests and don't seem to feel sharp mentally when they really need to be. Basically they just run of mental juice during tests. So the question then becomes, are there any nutrients for this problem?

The most obvious answer to this problem would be the basic stuff like sleep and food. Assuming you are an athlete, we'll assume you know the value of sleeping, eating, supplements, essential fatty acids, etc., for being mentally on the ball and physically fit. However; we must admit that many in your shoes get brain dead after weeks of studying for certain. We looked into various nutrients and drugs that would help people think better and focus better during tests. After some trial and error we found what worked, to some extent! Test grades improved noticeably, but of course this is not scientific proof.

We found a combination of a cup of black coffee, 500mg of L-tyrosine, 1000mg of choline, and a high-protein/low-carb meal about an hour and a half before test time was amazingly effective for bringing the brain into focus when required. As a trial, we took a test-taking machine on this nutrient combo with great results!

Caffeine has many times been shown to increase IQ and improve memory recall in studies. Tyrosine is the direct precursor to certain stimulatory neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and epinephrine, which are important for mental acuity. Choline is used in the production of another important neurotransmitter essential for mental function, memory recall and cognition called acetylcholine.

Finally, high-carbohydrate meals increase a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which makes us relaxed and sort of dopey, but a high-protein meal is known to cause an excitement f the nervous system, increase aggression and improve memory recall, possibly because of its high content of stimulatory neurotransmitter precursors. High-protein/low-carb meals are what you want to eat leading up to a test Give this natural nutrient combo a try the next time you take a major test, and I bet you will notice a difference in your test scores - that is, assuming you studied!

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