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January 9, 2016    question
Akash   Age: 20

"... Can I use this for weight reduction??? "

August 24, 2013    review
Eduardo   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I bought this whey just believing on the brand MHP, im not sure if its a real good deal. Anyways, i will try, it, and as the guy over there,, i will review too.
Just a little thing: 170mg of sodium is a quite bit too much for me."

March 16, 2013    review
Josh   Age: 18

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been waiting for a decent straight whey from MHP for some time. I use most of their products and I stick with them because they are quality. I'll be one of the first to use this, and will post a complete review for you guys.

Great site.. always come here for the latest products. Thanks."

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MHP - Maximum Whey

Professional Strength Protein Supplementation for Today's Serious Athlete

MHP delivers once again in stunning fashion with their latest release, Maximum Whey. When it comes to whey protein powder, the key is to look for the highest quality, most potent formulation which contains a bare minimum if any fillers. This is exactly what this formula has put forward and is now one of the most effective tools for any athlete especially for those that participating in resistance training. Using whey protein daily allows for a positive nitrogen balance which promotes anti-catabolism - essentially the prevention of muscle loss. You need to constantly feed and fuel your muscle every 2-3 hours and consuming so many meals can become very tiresome and difficult to maintain. The best bet is to have a protein shake that can be used anytime your need a high protein meal on the go. It is also the most effective post-workout solution.

Ensure your Feed your Muscles the High Quality Whey Proteins

Available in Delicious Chocolate or Vanilla Milk Shake Flavors!

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