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April 8, 2013    question
Jan Dupree   Age: 61

"... Are the eggs free roaming organic, and is the beef grass fed organic."


April 9, 2013
response by Mike

MHP hasn't listed this on their label. The best bet is to call them directly toll-free or post it on the FaceBook page. Good question.

March 9, 2013    review
Joey   Age: 37

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Excellent flavors, I have used both the chocolate and vanilla. For those that are not aware, paleo protein is made up of egg whites and beef, the staples in any serious paleo diet plan. I've been following this meal plan for several months with excellent results and now having the ability to use this shake in place of meals when I am busy is extremely convenient. This formula is the best one I have come across to date, it has no sugar, lactose or gluten and is 100% fat free. Just an overall high quality protein, even if you are not following paleo."

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MHP - Paleo Protein

The Perfect Compliment for those following a Paleo Diet Plan - Delicious Shakes!

MHP once again breaks new ground and sets the new standard in the industry with their launch of Paleo Protein! This exclusive product is really the perfect compliment to anyone following the highly popular and widely effective Paleo diet. For most athletes, this diet plan is used to improve your strength and muscle mass and is also widely used by strongman athletes. It's a combination of the theory, knowledge of your body type and a learning curve that you apply through trial and testing. They key therefore is to combine what works for you with the specific principles to really make the most of it, and best of all you can utilize the Paleo protein powder to help stay in line. Some of the benefits of this plan include more energy and less water retention. You simply get much more out of your diet and make better progress towards your goals.

The First Effective Paleo Protein Powder - Highest Quality

Now Available in Amazing Vanilla Almond and Chocolate Flavors!

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