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March 9, 2011    review
Cameron   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... For sure I will be using these.. already hooked on the pudding they came out with.. for being so high in protein its actually very tasty.. 30 grams per can! Great to have an option for healthy bodybuilding snacks instead of the gut rot CANDY protein bars everyone else is shoving down our throats."

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MHP - Super Beef Bites - Convenient Protein Snack

A truly convenient on-the-go super healthy protein snacks.. MHP delivers results again!

MHP supplements is making supplementation to the next level with easy on the go snacks, such as the Super Beef Bites! Not much has been released about this latest product however we are confident in brand and their history so introducing a beef snack is excellent as it provides natural sources of proteins, creatines along with many essential vitamins and minerals to help your muscles grow and recover. Each serving of the all new Super Beef Bites will contains a whopping 20 grams of protein and very low fats. In addition to the MHP latest protein pudding, you no longer have to rely on plain old boring protein shakes or unhealthy protein candy bars to reach your goals. Take Super Beef Bites with you anywhere and everywhere and never let your body suffer from lack of protein again!

Beef is an excellent source of Protein, Zinc, Iron & Vitamin B12

Protein is the #1 Building & Recovery Ingredient for Muscles!

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