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February 13, 2013    question
Clement   Age: 39

"... What is the difference between Anabolic Switch and Crea7ine?First time using Crea7ine so far no noticable results am sure its too early i will continue using it for the next 3 weeks "


February 14, 2013
response by Nick

Anabolic switch and Crea7ine are both very potent creatine supplements, both excellent. Each have 7 different creatine ingredients.

With creatine products, it takes time but mostly you really need to pay attention to the intensity of your workouts and the nutrition throughout your day. It will help boost endurance, performance, strength gains, recovery and new growth.

Stick to it and you'll get there.


February 24, 2013
response by Clement

Thanks nick,already i can see some major gains and my recovery and energy level has really gone up.iam now entering my 3rd week Crea7ine is really working.iam current on a strength and size stack, Crea7ine,NO2 Black and Pro Nos.

January 4, 2013    question
Juan Perez   Age: 55

"... Is this product taken before or after exercise? Thanks."


January 5, 2013
response by Nick

Hey Juan, for best results use this before and after training on your training days, so two times. Then on rest days, take it first thing in the morning and then again 12 hours later.

You'll make some good gains with this, train hard!

September 2, 2012    review
Froy   Age: 27

  RATING: 5 out of 5


August 30, 2012    question
John   Age: 48

"... When is th best time to take red crea7ine before or after workout"


September 1, 2012
response by Trevor

Follow the directions on the lable, no need to complicate things.

On training days, take a serving before and after. On rest days, take it first thing in the morning and then the second about 10-12 hours afterwards.

July 26, 2012    question
Lionel Scott   Age: 48

"... Will this product add water weight I am trying to stay lean and build muscle. "


August 2, 2012
response by Chris

Most creatine products pull water in to the muscle so yes. But with this one you won't get that bloated look, just fuller muscles whick is ideal.

July 3, 2012    question
tanner sallas   Age: 16

"... i am doing the insanity workout everyday except for Sunday and i have weight training every Mon. Tues. & Thurs. I am taking red crea7ine after insanity unless i have weight training that day in which case i take it after weight training i am 16 5"11 and 200lbs. will this help me gain lean muscle mass? or should i take anoher supplement? what would be the best supplement for me?"


July 5, 2012
response by Jeremy

Yes, this will help you with recovery which leads to improved muscle and strength gains. However, the insanity workout is aimed at fat loss and it's impossible to gain muslce and lose fat at the same time. Choose on goal and stick with it.


August 7, 2012
response by billyh

Wow not even true its not impossible to gain muscle and lose fat you can't turn fat in2 muscle but yea you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time

May 4, 2012    question
david   Age: 44

"... can this be taken with a supplement such as jack3d?"


May 9, 2012
response by Sam

I wouldn't as they are quite similar. Don't do too much, as it will waste your time and money. Stick with one at a time, then you can best judge which worked best and get back to it.


August 7, 2012
response by billyh

Yes you can take both of these products cause they are not the same jacked3d is a prework out and there for a creatine and a prework out are not the same so jacked3d says not to take other prework outs with creatine if you read the ingredients in red creatine it has none. 2 totally diffrent products some people on here don't know their facts lol

April 3, 2012    question
Danny   Age: 18

"... I'm 18 years old and weigh exactly 140...I'm trying to put on more size...If I take this product would it help me get bigger or would it just increase my strength?"


April 4, 2012
response by Jim

Yes, it will help you increase strength and size. But remember, to gain weight (or muscle) you need to EAT. You have a quick metabolism which means you need to increase your carbs and total calories. Consider adding a weight gainer shake to the mix, 2-3 times per day and you'll see better results. I prefer:

March 21, 2012    review
Mike   Age: 21

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I really like this product. I have been taking one scoop post workout and am on to my second container. There is no reason to take it more than once a day. I also followed the 4weeks on, 2 weeks off. Strength is through the roof, and am also putting on solid weight. Great product"

February 5, 2012    review
James   Age: 31

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Just started with this, into my second week. I am following the before and after training protocol and also the first thing in the morning and 12 hours later on non-training days. So far I am actually getting really great pumps, moderate energy and good endurance. Second week in I am feeling stronger and feel muscle fulness has improved, noticeably. I will run it for for the full 4 weeks as suggested and post back a full report. So far I am impressed, but I have always had good success with MRI products - even if they are slightly higher in the price tag."

January 28, 2012    question
Larry Johnson   Age: 51

"... To get the best results should I take red crea7ine pre or post workout to get lean muscle mass "


January 30, 2012
response by Shark

I would take one serving 45 minutes before and one right after your workout. If you only want to run one time a day then go post workout.


September 3, 2012
response by question??

I have been taking one scoop of red creatine n it work n make my muscle big only for one day n for next day everything went down like nothing n it difficult how I can used the red creatine.

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MRI - Red Crea7ine Creatine Supplement

With Seven Different Pathways - Crea7ine Makes the Most out of Your Weight Training Results!

MRI revolutionized pre-workout pumps.. and now with their latest Crea7ine drink, they are doing the same for the creatine supplement market! With a unheard of seven blend creatine matrix, Crea7ine is ready to take your power, strength and recovery levels to where they've never been before. Unlike other creatine products that spike insulin and contains bucket loads of sugars, Crea7ine contains a mere 1 gram per serving. Each creatine that was added to the formula is specifically designed to work with the other to create a powerful anabolic environment you can feel from the first workout. Crea7ine specifically tackles four key areas to help you progress which are performance, raw power, recovery improvement and finally anabolism. Crea7ine is designed for those athletes who wish to take their game to the next level.. do you?

Contains Muscle Building Branch Chain Amino Acids!

Finally Experience Drive & Power like Never Before!

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