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Amino Decanate

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June 2, 2013    review
George   Age: 31

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I have been using the watermelon for several months now and really love this formula. Far better than Xtend, which is what I was using prior to this. I find best results when I use it during my training and then again another serving right afterwards."

March 7, 2011    review
Peter   Age: 31

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Sounds very promising! I was at the Expo this weekend in Columbus and had a chance to talk to the reps and the musclemeds booth and they gave me some really good sounds information and are really excited as they say there is no amino product out there as good.. sure they work for the company so they boost it but I have always had good results with musclemeds stuff, especially code red for working out so I am confident in this new one as well. Stay tuned.. I'll be back for a full review!"

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MuscleMEDS - Amino Decanate - Amino Acids!

Finally a professional strength amino acids supplements that gets you the results you want!

MuscleMEDS supplements has taken amino acids to the next level with their latest release, Amino Decanate! Amino Decanate is part of the all new and exciting Deca Drive Technology powered by MuscelMEDS! This pharmaceutical nutrient uptake accelerator is a proven intestinal absorption enhancer used to maximize and increase solubility and dissolution of amino acids directly! Simply put, Amino Decanate feeds the citric acids cycle for maximum muscle and peak performance! Trigger anabolic pathways for new muscle growth and strength gains with enhanced recovery with Amino Decanate! Remember, you get a potent 10.5 grams of aminos per each and every serving of Amino Decanate!

Amino Decanate is Driven by the Deca Drive Delivery Process!

Each Serving Contains 500mg Critical Core Amino Acid Matrix!

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