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January 10, 2012    review
Trevor   Age: 33

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Ok let me start off i can flat bench 300punds for 3 reps thats with no supps at all
this is my first cycle with the Muscle Meds creatine. im on my 3rd week now with this supp i just notice today that i did 5 reps of 300pounds yesterday go figure.
No PWO supp at all
Current stack,Protein,Bcaa,creatine, and a Good diet"

December 18, 2011    review
Rhys   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have nearly finished 1cycle of this creatine and i have been extremely happy with the results i have put on 5kgs and gotta alot stronger when i first started i struggled to dumbbell bench press 27.5kgs now im doing 35kgs..GET ON IT"

October 18, 2011    review
Mike   Age: 42

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been using this creatine for a few weeks now, training 5 days a week and really enjoy the results. Finding at this point my weight is going up without any water bloat and strength is also starting to climb. Overall pretty exciting and I plan to run it into the new year."

August 28, 2011    question
jamahl rice   Age: 35

"... ? how well do this product work ?
did anyone suffer from any side effects? what can i expect in one month? im currently at 175"


August 30, 2011
response by Kryptonite

Works quite well mate, no side-effect to speak of. It's an advanced creatine supplement so there would be no side-effects to expect. Just taking your creatine to the next level, worth a shot if you want to try a new angle on your gains. What you can expect in one month depends on how hard you train and how well you eat. Adding a supplement will just boost those gains, so it's up to you.


April 29, 2012
response by maier34

i'm through nearly a half tub nd can only say the side effect i got was sweating under my arms all day

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MuscleMEDS - Creatine Decanate!

A pharmaceutical grade createine monohydrate supplement with advanced the Deca Drive!

MuscleMEDS has introduced a professional strength micronized creatine supplement, Creatine Decanate! If you serious about increasing your strength levels and lean musclular size, then Creatine Decanate is your solution to results you can count on. Support ATP and energy output during your exercise as well as speed up recovery dramatically while reducing muscle soreness so you can get to your workout the next day fast than before. If you've taken creatine supplements in the past and failed to see any significant results, Creatine Decanate is the product for you.

Adanced & Enchance Creatine Delivery for Ultimate Results!

Finally.. Shift your Muscles Into Over Drive with Deca Drive!

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