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December 16, 2013    review
Peter   Age: 26

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... Listen guys, this product has actually been transferred to the Arnold Series line. Now, yes this ingredient does help with your workout needs, but is it worth to buy separate from your pre-workout blend... NO!"

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MusclePharm - ARG-3

Great Solution to Improve your Strength, Muscle Size and Tone - Powerful!

MusclePharm has once again provided the raw ingredients to help you build your own stack solution with the release of ARG-3. This powerful arginine nitrate has been found in many of the top selling pre-workout supplements such as Yok3d from USPlabs. It really is a top choice for elite athletes and bodybuilders whom want to take advantage of the best natural solution to taking their gains and progress to the advanced level. Being a non-essential amino acid, your body does not naturally produce it so you have to bring it on from outside sources. While it is found in common foods such as meats, milk, nuts, etc., it is impossible to get the right amount for an athlete through simply food. This product makes it possible to get the ideal amounts with ARG-3! Increase your blood supply and flow to transport oxygen, nutrients and more to your muscles while you train!

Increase your Rate of Protein Synthesis following Exercise

One of the Most Effective Muscle Building Amino Acids Today

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