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January 29, 2013    question
Mohannad   Age: 20

"... this product is awesome but i have one question i feel that the scoop is so big and the directions say take 2 scoops .does anyone feel the same ? and should i take the 2 scoops ,I'm lookin to lose fat n gain muscles ."


January 30, 2013
response by Simon

Yes, the scoop is measured exactly as it should. Using two full scoops is a single servinge and what you need. Take one serving after your workout and another later in the day.

April 22, 2011    review
Pete   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Not sure why there are not more reviews.. either way I am really happy with this protein drink. The first for me for Muscletech product and I am very please. Good taste, no bathroom run afterwards and I find I am getting bigger and leaner with time. Really recommend it highly."

December 1, 2010    review
brian   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... ive been using muscle techs nitro isolate and it is without a doubt the best whey protein suppliment ive used. its worth it and im extremely impressed with the results!"

September 19, 2010    question
luis r   Age: 40

"... this is the third week I take this new pruduct and let me tell you is very goog expensive but good muscletech is god bramch ,NITRO ISOLATE the best"


September 13, 2011
response by Chris

Thanks for the feedback. You are right that Muscletech is pricier than most other brands but they usually produce effective products, your testimonial is once again proof of that.

June 16, 2010    question
Greg    Age: 21

"... I just want to know does muscletech nitro isolate 65 have creatine in it.thank you for reading and answering this question. "


September 23, 2011
response by James

Looking at the label, no, there is no creatine found in this protein whey isolate supplement.

May 19, 2010    review
James   Age: 39

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Sounds very promising.. the Nitro-tech line of protein has always been on my shelf from day one.. works well and tastes great. Will be fun to try this new version.. hopefully it's released shortly."

April 25, 2010    question
Peter   Age: 21

"... I have hear really good reviews on this new form of whey isolate.. when can we expect MuscleTech to release this product or is it already available?"


April 27, 2010
response by Jonas

Hey Pete.. from what I've read it's supposed to be out this summer.

April 22, 2010    review
Jake   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been waiting on this one for some time, great that's it's finally here. I'll be using it as soon as it ships..

From past experiences with Muscletech, I have no doubt it will be top notch as always.."

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Description »
Muscletech - Nitro Isolate 65 - Whey Protein!

All New Nitro Isolate 65 from Muscletech leads with 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolates!

Muscletech, once again has re-defined the power of protein supplements with their all new Nitro Isolate 65! Nitro Isolate 65 is an incredibly effective and delicious 100% pure whey protein isolate supplement that is essential for new muscle growth and repair. This ultra pure protein source is extremely fast-acting to be used in your most crucial window which is post workout. There may be many whey isolate protein on the market today, but Muscletech claims to take this process one step further with Nitro Isolate 65 with extremely fast absorpion rate and quality like never before. With the quick absorption, NitroIsolate 65 feeds your muscles immediately leading towards new gains and progress. Key ingredients make Nitro Isolate 65 so successful such as the muscle building leucine amino, over 9 grams of bcaa's and best of all Muscletech has left out all trans fat and aspartame. Nitro Isolate 65 is extremely easy to mix and does not upset your stomach. Each serving has an incredible 65 grams of whey protein isolate - start with Nitro-Isolate 65 today and see the results!

All New Nitro Isolate 65 is a Powerful Muscle Building Protein!

Ultra Premium 100% Whey Protein Isolate .. NITRO-Isolate 65!

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