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July 3, 2015    question
kirath soeny   Age: 21

"... which is the best protein .muscle tech nitro tech or on whey gold . "


August 26, 2015
response by Joy

Both good.. protein is protein.

April 30, 2015    question
ruchir   Age: 30

"... I feel tierd after drinking nitro tech "


June 26, 2015
response by Neil


December 5, 2014    question
Rahul   Age: 24

"... I lose about 25 kgs weight by deiting now my muscle is loose and have fat in the body. Now i want to lose fat Does it help me? Should I use it as a fat cutter or burner?"


January 25, 2015
response by Jake

No, this is a protein replacement - not a fat burner.

August 16, 2014    question
Neil   Age: 32

"... Hi..I'm on a cutting phase at the veins have started to pop up..if i take this product will my veins disappear or would i still have them and build muscle"


September 13, 2014
response by Mason

Your veins will stay, this is just a protien powder.

April 24, 2014    question
Saif   Age: 30

"... Hello,
will using Nitrotech help me reduce fat percentage...and build musle mass.i dont wanna look swollen once i start using this."


May 16, 2014
response by Craig

Increase your protein intake will help with weight loss, but you need to DIET and EXERCISE correctly. It doesn't work on it's own, you have to put in the work. If you don't, then you'll just put on fat and water weight.

Good luck.

April 22, 2014    question
Jiten Nene   Age: 29

"... Hi, can anyone tell me what is different between MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Hardcore Series and Nitro-Tech Perfomance Series is? Thanks."


May 16, 2014
response by Carter

Not much, both quality protein / weight gainers when combined with a solid diet and training program will give you some tremendous results.

July 11, 2013    question
Sajin   Age: 22

"... Muscletech protein contains creatine. It's not mentioned the amount of creatine there is in one scoop.
By taking creatine, does it affect the body and how much water should I take for balancing my body? Can anyone help me, thanks."


July 11, 2013
response by Mike

There is a trace of creatine, you can easily supplement with it in addition to this amount to get a worthwhile amount.

There is no water requirements besides drinking all the time. This is common sense in general, most people drink too little each day.

May 7, 2013    question
Sunil   Age: 39

"... Today is my first day using nitro tech. Do I take this product every day. And how much scoop per day. "


May 8, 2013
response by Ken

Yes, this product is best used daily for optimal results. Use a full serving right after your workouts and on non-training days take it as a meal.

January 31, 2013    question
Fantasyq   Age: 20

"... I used it a week alrdy... My question is Nitrotech hardcore burn fat or not ? How much calories it burn every time i exercise?
My size is alrdy big and will it make me more bigger or juz let my body muscle come out faster? Because i dont want to be more bigger .... I juz want my body shape come out faster....will nitrotech hardcore helps my body for shape?"


January 31, 2013
response by George

Primarily, no this is not a far burner. BUT, increasing your daily protein intake by using this shake will help with weight loss indirectly. Remember, the more lean muscle mass you have (built by training and consuming protein) the higher your metabolism is resulting with weight loss.

It doesn't burn calories, your exercise burns calories and the amount will vary depending on your weight, age, gender, duration and intensity.

If you don't want to get bigger, cut back your daily calories and / or burn more calories in the gym.

November 15, 2012    question
Naveen   Age: 20

"... sir i'm naveen,20 years old,58 kg&5ft10inches.i want build bigger muscles.for that which is better among cell-tech and nitro-tech"


November 21, 2012
response by George

Cell-Tech stacked with Nitro-Tech is an excellent combination and will really help you make quick gains. Follow the directions for each one and you will be good. Train hard and eat well.

August 21, 2012    question
Tusshar   Age: 21

"... sir i have used ON 100% Gold whey protein ..and i have got good results .. now i want to lose 3kgs from my 77 kgs weight and want to build good muscles.. so my question is - does taking muscle nitrotech help me reduce some fat and also build muscles ?? because i am confused as people keep on saying that nitrotech series build muscle mass and inturn increases weight of the body ??"


August 21, 2012
response by George

This protein is more of a muscle builder, as the 100% Gold is a straight whey. Both are good choices for weight loss, the second one more-so.

Again, nitro-tech is a hardcore muscle mass builder, it contains more than just protein ingredients to make this happen. All natural and safe, but more potent than a regular protein shake.

July 10, 2012    question
Marson   Age: 31

"... Hello, I am new to this supplement and it's just 2 weeks now. I am 264lbs, how can I reduce my size using nitro tech pro series? How many scoops per day? Thank you for replying,more power to you."


July 10, 2012
response by George

This is not a protein or supplement for weight loss, it's a mass builder. I would finish the bottle, then switch to a whey protein alternative. Take that 2-3 times per day with 2-3 HEALTHY meals per day with exercise 5-6 days per week and you'll get the results you want.

May 22, 2012    question
Suresh   Age: 21

"... Hello, please, can anybody help me. I started doing my exercise since 2 years at the gym and I haven't taken any kind of supplement in those 2 years. So, now I am thinking of taking this product. Will regular use give me good results for my body? Also, I have a doubt that this nitro tech will give any side effects to my body? Thanks for any help."


May 24, 2012
response by Harold

Yes, this is an excellent muscle building based protein that will help you recovery quicker and make better strength and new muscle gains.

Zero side-effects, it's a protein powder.

April 24, 2012    question
alex   Age: 15

"... Do i fill the cup thing to the top or the line plzz help im drinking rite now im 15 an i only drink it once a day is dat bad i drink it rite after workout ? PLZ HELP ME ?"


April 25, 2012
response by James

Not that important, just make sure it's a full scoop, level. If you can afford to take only one a day then after your workout is best. But you'll get better results if you can do two a day. The other one have either between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner.


September 29, 2012
response by Raj-23 years old

Sir I m doing gym from 2011. I m just 58 kg and I want gain more weight and muscle. Is Nitro Tech Hardcore Pro Series can help me to gain weight and muscle too......

March 26, 2012    question
Deepak   Age: 20

"... hello.......i was vry fat before i hav loss my stomach by jogging.....nw m planning 2 use musletech protines bt i hav a doubt tht again my stomach will increase by using this or not.......plz plz help me..."


March 28, 2012
response by Jones

No, protein intake does not make you gain fat - just muscle and recovery. You'll be ok. Just keep active and you'll get the body you want.

March 19, 2012    question
Kev   Age: 32

"... Hi, I'm the skinny type (180cm 71kgs with a small belly) and have been working out for a yr now, tried a few types of protein and they dont help me grow mass.. now i want to try nitro tech but with 1 question.. if i do not follow the instructions of consuming 2 servings 3 times daily will i still get the result? i plan to take 1 serving cell tech before workout and 2 serving nitro tech after workout for 3-4 times a week.. will the effect still take place? the reason being i do not follow the instruction given is because i have some cholesterol issue which is why i restraint myself from taking too much of protein.. thx alot"


March 20, 2012
response by Paul

All proteins help you grow mass, the issue is that you need to take in ENOUGH, train hard and rest. Then your genetics also play a pivotal role. Patience and consistency is key.

Using nitro-tech is a superior form of protein so you are on the right track. To get the results you want (and say you are not getting) you NEED to follow the directions. If you make your own rules you'll see little to no results.

September 12, 2011    question
Jeff   Age: 28

"... I was just wondering if there is something that can be used to mix with nitro tech to help it taste better. And is taking 1 scoop twice a day going to help with muscle gain or do you need to take the 2 scoops 3 times a day. I'm not that big of a guy"


September 13, 2011
response by Dave

Hmmm.. the best solution would be to try an different flavor as there are many to choose from and if that doesn't work try to mix it with skim milk. Makes it creamier, more of a milkshake texture while adding some good calories and protein through the milk.

You can start with 1 scoop three times a day if you like and see what results you get after a few weeks. I would then see if the growth rate is good for you, if not bump it up to the recommended full dosage to make the most out of the supplement.

June 17, 2011    question
nick   Age: 24

"... Hey guys...i have just bought this product..i was wondering if you could tell me the daily amount the one that would be helpful for lean box (2.2) last a month...doesnt it???plz help"


August 15, 2011
response by Cameron

I would suggest taking this two times a day if you are looking to maximize your results. It will not last you as long but you will see quicker and longer lasting effects with this product. You can also, to save servings and $, cut each serving in half and mix it with skim milk.

March 9, 2011    question
Shobi   Age: 20

"... Can any tell me I want to reduce my bulky body is nitro tech hardcore pro good enough to help me for this If I do high repetition?"


March 15, 2011
response by The Enforcer

Nitro-Tech hardcore will help you feed your body with anabolic protein that will help you gain muscle and strength. While extra muscle mass does help the body burn more fat, using Nitro-Tech does not specifically burn fat to help you get rid of your bulky body. If you wish to lose fat either add more cardio, improve your diet or as you said do higher repetitions with 30-45 seconds of rest between each set to increase your heart rate and burn the calories. You can also throw a fat burner into the mix, and if you are fond of MuscleTech then their Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series is a good choice.

March 9, 2011    review
Shobi   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey I am just taking nitro tech hardcore pro since 15 days can anyone tell me is nitro tech good for losing weight and reducing bulk via high reps?"

February 26, 2011    review
kim   Age: 18

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... hey guys.. i am planning to use this product but i don't know what is the right time to take it to have great results. pls answer."

November 25, 2010    review
Eddie   Age: 16

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey guys I have been taking this product for about a month now and it has helped me gain more muscle and strength than anything else I have ever tried. I gained 15 lbs. So far and have increased my bench press max by 20 lbs. This is by far the best protein you can get. I recommend this product for anyone who wants to get bigger and stronger. This stuff really works. I love the taste of the c
s if you have a good diet and drink lots of water and try to stay away from the junk food. "

November 10, 2010    review
fred   Age: 26

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... this product taste the strawberry banana...makes me want to eat alot more than I used to...only using it for a couple of days...will continue using it and see what happens and post my review....guyana, south america"

October 19, 2010    review
Ali   Age: 21

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... i have used this supplement for 6-7 months i got really good gains about 20 pounds of lean muscle im very happy this muscletech but taste is not that good."

August 25, 2010    review
ahb   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... its has been three days that i am using this Nitro-tech Hardcore series, it seems good enough but,since i have started i am feeling really sleepy.

August 19, 2010    review
slapnuts   Age: 85

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... thanks to the goat on the road that's on fire, i'll tell the hydrant to take a leak on godzilla left toe so the asophagus won't talk about the current grass smoker. "

July 23, 2010    review
PjMoZ   Age: 28

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I bought nitro tech hardcore pro series. Im on my 2nd day, all i can say is i feel so different i feel so pumped after i workout even the day after i workout. I think its telling the truth about the muscle grow thing. But i have to wait for a while more and see results. I dont like the taste though. "

July 19, 2010    question
PRASAD   Age: 25

"... Now i am using MASSGAINER, i have also Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series.
how i can use the product?please give me a brief in detail."


September 17, 2011
response by George

Hi PRASAD, you've got an excellent muscle building protein! For best results, simply follow the directions right off the label. Mix one or two scoops with milk or water. Drink this 2-3 times per day and enjoy the results!

July 14, 2010    question
VIJU   Age: 22



January 3, 2011
response by idro

clean muscel mass , brother.

July 9, 2010    question
James   Age: 22

"... hey guys, i need some help here.. im really new in this thing, i've been going to the gym for about a month now and i am planning to use this supplement.. aren't these supplements will make your stomach big and make your abs hide under it? im sorry, im just a newbie trying to get some help here.. any help will be much appreciated.. thanks!"


November 25, 2010
response by Eddie

No this product does not make you lose your abs or anything like that. I have been taking this supplement for about a month now and my abs look better than they did before. The only thing is you have to work out on the muscle group to get it to have more definition and size. I highly suggest that you take the product because it has helped me tremendously and I am going to stick with it. If you get the product you should get cookies and cream. I think that has the best flavor


June 19, 2011
response by Drew

do you fill it to the top of the scoop or the line on the outside?

July 9, 2010    review
henry   Age: 18

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... i sow some pretty nice improvements with nitro tech hps while i was stacking it with cell tech hps but after the second day it left me an awful after taste. it makes me wanna puke it out. everything else is okay but the taste just aint dat good."

May 20, 2010    review
Mike   Age: 21

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I have used other proteins (whey and hydro whey) looking for results. They did help a little but not even in comparison with nitro-tech harcore. My bench went from around 295 to 315 and have gained 8 pounds of lean muscle in only one month. 182 to 190.
I have been working out fairly consistantly for 3 years and never had a supplement boost my strength or weight so quickly without water retention. Im on my third bottle and will stay with it. I got on here to see if everyone else had similar results and it looks like everyone has so far. Good Luck."

April 15, 2010    review
lightning   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i have good genes for muscle building, and i would say this nitro tech really boost my muscle growth much more than any of the other brands of whey protein out there. other brands i have tried did not seem to boost my muscle growth any faster. only thing is it is expensive.

when i first started working out hard i took the original nitro tech and after one month i saw good results, after 3 months big results in six months of use i went from 140 lbs to 162 lbs. from what i can tell so far the hard core version works even better.

i got lazy for a few years and i have just started working out again, i bought some of this nitro tech hard core. after 2 weeks of working out with out it i started getting some results. i started with this NT hardcore have been using it for a additional 2 weeks, i have gained back about 5 lbs of muscle and i have not even been lifting heavy either, all i have been doing is push ups, dumbbell curls with 30lbs, shoulder press about 50lbs and using my total gym for every thing else."

March 3, 2010    review
Don Quichotte   Age: 33

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... With the classic Nitrotech, I gained 8 kg in 6 months (from 76 to 84) and now my weight is stable. I've developed during that time loads of muscles in the shoulders, arms, back, and my bench press and squat have become much better.
I'm using the new Pro-series version since 3 weeks, and my squat has become even better. Am on a plateau with bench press though, but my legs and calves have got huge muscles and definition now."

December 23, 2009    review
ay   Age: 29

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... we all want the best possible results. thats why we buy this stuff. butt why is a serving not enough. the can says 4 best results take 2 servings 3 times per day. 6 total per day. 1 can wont last 5 days at that rate. for great muscl gains, do I really need to take 6 servings per day. thats really expensive. cant i take 2 servings per day and just get protein from my diet?"

December 7, 2009    review
dale   Age: 58

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i recently begun useing this supplament and my jerkoff arm has gotten huge i can now jerk off at 100 rpm and get off in a average time of 26 seconds, overall great product"

December 2, 2009    review
Ty   Age: 15

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I have been using the new pro series for about a month now every day (one serving on off days, 3 on training days). I have gained 8 pounds of lean mass since, whether or not it is from this supplement. Overall, I believe it to be an improvement over the last; there is no aspartame, the taste is better, and the effect is (probably) better. "

November 9, 2009    review
Kyle   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Started with pro series nitro about 10 days ago, I used it everyday. Taste and everything are about the same (good) but I do feel like I am getting better results from the previous version. Strength on bench and curls has increased and the scale puts me at 2lbs heavier with no sign of added fat or water weight. Overall so far I am happy.. will continue to use and post back a full review in a few months time."

October 19, 2009    review
chandan   Age: 29

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i am really looking forward for this new protein from has good amount of aminos.hope it gives good results and is priced low."

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MuscleTech - NEW Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series

Build New Lean Muscle Mass & Maximizing Stregnth levels with the Power of Pro Series!

Muscletech supplements has done it again, this time with their Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series whey protein formula, the true standard in the sports supplement industry today! The old formula has been drastically improved to give you even better results and to help you maximize your true potential in the iron game. Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series continue the revolution that Musletech created in the protein category over a decade ago, but now it's even better! Take the effects of protein to the next level with the Pro Series enhancement! Each serving of Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series includes 25 grams of the highest quality whey protein, plus 13g of BCAA's with an additional 11g of leucine to truly ingnite the growth process! One essential key in the effectiveness of the new Pro Series formula is the addition of SynthePro anabolic musclebuilding compounds, in addition to Nitroxen and Insulgen. Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series has proven to increase strength by 143% and new lean muscle mass by 73% compared to brands which use just simple whey protein. Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series will help you get the results you need and with the best flavors on the market as well - start today!

With 11 Grams of Leucine & 13 Grams of Branch Chain Amino Acids!

Scientifically Advanced Pro Series Muscle Building Whey Protein!

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